Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Today I got My feet cast

I was contacted by an up and coming fetish company begging to immortalise My feet to be sold around the world. They wanted ME to be their first foot model as they have been following Me and My adorable feet for some time and felt I would be 
Who was I to say NO?
They paid Me handsomely and I will be earning a commission of all sales.
Now My perfect feet can be enjoyed by men (and women) all over the world in the luxury of their own homes.

First I cleaned My feet in a bowl of water.
Unfortunately I had sock lines on my ankles so one of men volunteered to rub my ankles until they vanished it was LUXURIOUS. He clearly enjoyed it and I felt at home with a man down by My feet as usual.

 Then they applied silicone with a paintbrush to My feet to create the mould.

After that they added plaster bandages to create a hard case to protect the silicone when it is filled with the final substance.

Then they used compressed air to loosen the silicone and then cut and peeled it off My feet.

 My toe impressions

Example feet below what the final copy will look like before it is painted to look more realistic. I can't wait to see the final products for sale in their store!