Saturday, 29 July 2017

Homewrecking Hypno

You are addicted to me. 
You think about me all day and dream about me all night. 
You're constantly walking around with a hard on and, it's ruining your marriage. 

You would rather wank over videos and photos of me, than fuck your wife. This is the beginning of our journey. journey into total mental slavery. 

 This is a video that will break your mind, ruin your marriage and distance you from your wife. This video will create an addiction to me that will grow with every waking moment. You will soon ache to serve me and leave her. I want you to forget all about your wife, its just me and you now.

Monday, 24 July 2017

RT Fun - Trampling, nipple play, poppers and piercing

Yesterday I had another fun filled real time filming session with Mistress Dynamo. She is a Pro Domme and Pro Wrestler in Reading. 

We started at 11am with one of her regular nipple play boys.
He had made a contraption to use for poppers, it was a carton with cotton wool coated in poppers with a tube he stuck in his mouth to suck down as much as he wanted. I’ve never seen poppers being inhaled orally before so that was a first for Me.

We tied him to the St Andrews Cross and started off with nipple weights and vampire gloves, his nipples were the longest I’ve ever seen they were very erect and easy to torture! Followed by some barefoot ballbusting until his legs buckled and he couldn’t stand anymore.

We then laid him down on the medical bench and applied Clothes pegs to him we got two on each nipple due to the size of his nipples! I managed to get 16 on his cock and balls before flicking his cock wildly until they all flew off in various directions laughing hysterically as he writhed around like an eel.
We followed this with needle play which is now becoming My favourite activity. We managed LUCKY 13 needles into his cock and balls, his balls being the smallest I’ve ever seen they were like dried up raisins retreating into his fat bloated old body.
Then the REAL fun began My FIRST EVER NIPPLE PIERCING. The needle took longer to penetrate his long fat nipple than I originally expected however I got it through and it was a success. I enjoyed piercing My first (and hopefully NOT last) nipple!

After this hour we allowed the sub cool down time, cared for his injuries and gave him a time out before the next boy arrived.
The second session was longer and equally as exciting. This was a trampling session barefoot and booted. Mistress Dynamo had received a “cock box” the previous day and was dying to try it out. 
It was so fun watching his disgusting face contort as I stood on his cock watching it squash under my sexy size 4 feet as he winced and walled around. His dick was the same size as My size 4 foot this amused Me. I’ve always been complimented on My petite perfection so small foot = small penis.
We smothered his face with our feet including lots of full weight on his chest, cock and balls and face. For a scrawny skinny man he could take a lot of weight!

The final session was a WAM session with treacle and golden syrup smothered over his hairy body and pulling the hairs with our feet, he was a VERY lucky boy.

I will be uploading clips to my Niteflirt/Clips4Sale/IWantClips/KinkBomb stores over the next few weeks so keep an eye out on my findoms profile or twitter @M1stressx updates.
I already have My next real time session booked up 5th August in Essex with the beautiful LexiLuxe and theres still time to book. See for all the information you need.

Saturday, 22 July 2017

Open wide

Say thank you with tribute

Friday, 21 July 2017

More artwork

By Twitter @TheReal_Ravi

Awesome artwork

Awesome artwork made by

Femdom Addict Relapse Humiliation

Back again little man? 
you do make Me laugh every time you relapse into FemDom yet again always crawling back for more EVERY FUCKING TIME. 
Welcome back, you little wanking addict. you thought you had a chance to escape? There's no escape from Me, your mind altering British Mistress. 
There is no escape from this addiction. It's too late, and we both know it. 
Who wants to be a good boy? Admit your humiliating truths out loud.  Oink, and squeal little piggy! 
Admit you are weak and addicted to FemDom over and over again. 
I'd do a cum countdown for My pathetic little boy 10 seconds to control your orgasm and hold on until I tell you when to cum.
you are My property and there is nothing you can do about it... and I'll be seeing you again soon next time you relapse and crawl back for more. 

Footfetish Friday

Tribute My perfection


Thursday, 20 July 2017

New beginnings

I start flat/house hunting in August so that means you can be useful to Me!

I figured I need at LEAST £2,000 to start furnishing My flat so send those gcs to NOW.

Obviously I want the bigger items furniture, fridge/freezer, sofa, new bed paid for so GCS are the way to go. That wishlist will go up once the sale goes through so those items can be delivered to My new home.

However you can buy smaller cheaper items from here

Saturday, 15 July 2017

Obsessing over Me? Obsessing over My leather Prada boots.

Hello boys, I hear you've been obsessing about Me again? Not just Me, Me and My new sexy Prada boots.
Real Italians leather wrapped around my feet.
Lick My boots clean.
You're so desperate to clean them. Lick the screen, lick it like the loser you are. With heels bigger than your dick you can't resist the urge to suck those heels like a dick.

Friday, 14 July 2017

What I look for in a sub and how to be owned by Me.

I want a sub who worships Me and only Me. 
In the real world giving Me every penny you own is not possible and for a man to become bankrupt it means he is no longer of any use to Me I will stretch your finances to their limits but not leave you broke. No one wants to play with a broke toy. 

Learn something about Me before approaching. 
Read My blogs! 
Read My website 
Read my twitter

All My kinks and fetishes listed on My website

Follow Me on Twitter @M1stressX

Complete an ownership application form with tribute I offer slave/sub ownership, financial domination and chastity/key holding. I also offer real time sessions to those who earn it including domestic servitude. 

 You will address Me as MistressX nothing else. It will always be capitalised. I only talk to subs on Skype for PAID sessions unless you are owned by Me, and you will ASK for permission to speak to Me when I am on Skype. Just because I am online does not mean I want to talk to you. I will let you know if I am busy when you greet Me and ask for permission to speak. Otherwise you can send Me an email If you send Me an email saying "Mistress I want to serve you" without a tribute attached you will be ignored. I will assume you have followed the above instructions yet are trying to forgo the application process, that process EXPECTS TRIBUTE.

TRIBUTE: It is NOT an option. Its a requirement to serve Me. You give Me money to fill that hole inside you, you live to give to Me and making Me smile is your goal. I get turned on by the idea of a man handing over his money WILLINGLY because he is so overcome by My power and beauty. A goddess should not have to ask for tribute it should be placed at her feet! MINIMUM TRIBUTE IS £100/$130 A WEEK FOR OWNERSHIP. 

I only accept Western Union, Circle, Google Wallet and direct bank transfer for payments. (I will not accept GCS for ownership payments) 
 Talk to Me about about things that go on in your daily life. If you cant complete a task on time or it is not possible for you to do, then tell Me why. I allow you to show your personality and get to know Me personally. I will draw a line you can not cross and warn you if you cross it but don't be afraid to have a joke with me as unless you are paying for a session I am not going to abuse and humiliate you for the sake of it (unless you state before ownership that's what you want in our relationship)

If Under Consideration with Me you are free to talk to other Dommes in chat, twitter, instant messages etc, but you CAN NOT tribute another Domme. You must always be respectful to everyone. You represent Me and how I have trained you. The rest of My requirements are individual and tailored to each sub. I treat each sub is an individual, finances and kinks are discussed prior to sessions or ownership. It is important that your focus and drive in life be me. You will have weekly tasks to perform and daily contact with Me.

Thursday, 13 July 2017

Sock buying opportunity!

Bought these special socks for my achilles tendon pain to wear during Zumba. Willing to sell for the right price!
Starting at £100 whoever offers the highest prices gets to buy them.
Bank transfer

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Next years holiday!

So next year we're going back to Tenerife. 10 days 4* for our 7 year anniversary and My University graduation. So pay up subs, sissies, sluts and cucks!

£887.50 to

Or cuckolds can pay the full amount! £1775 

Sunday, 9 July 2017

Foot worship, Hypno Mind fuck

I’ve decided to brainwash you using one of my favourite body parts, my perfect size 4 feet.

I’m going to take you under so you will just crave them even if you aren’t even into feet. I’m going to make sure that you can’t even come without thinking of my beautiful erotic feet.
Feel it. Feel the power of my feet and toes.
You will allow my hypnotic trigger resonate inside your mind
You can feel my feet have complete control over your body.
You adore feet
You can’t hold back around the site of my perfectly polished toes, so soft and perfect that you dare not touch
Weak for feet
My soles are divine perfect holy feet
The perfect vision of my feet are embedding themselves into your minds eye
You are storing this information deep inside your mind
They are not only perfect but must be worshipped, they require worship they demand it.

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Realtime sessions and filming subs SUN 23RD JULY

I will be holding a session and filming day with Mistress Dynamo. 

The day will be held here: at Mistress Dynamos studio/dungeon based in Wokingham Berkshire. Sunday 23rd July. We are offering sessions for slaves, filming sessions and custom video sets.

We will be offering:
Corporal Punishment Caning, Whipping, Spanking Belly Punching Face Slapping
Verbal Domination/Humiliation
Nipple Torture
Ball Busting
Strap-On Worship (not anal play)
Sissification make-up, waxing, dressing up
Forced Bi sub on sub action
Fantasy Style Wrestling
Foot and Shoe Worship
Clothed Face sitting / smothering
Wax Play
Needle Play
Financial Domination
Candle wax play
Lesbian cuckold


If you have a fetish not listed please email to inquire.To see previous real time sessions you can visit my Clips4sale page here to see some videos

1hr - £200
2hr - £350
3hr - £500
Contact to book

Filming slaves also required, tribute is £150 for 2 hours and can be masked or unmasked.

What we will not partake under any circumstances, so please don't ask and waste our time and yours.

Any sexual contact/activity
Any escort work of any kind
Nude facesitting or Queening
Any scat play