Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Pimptress Mistress X - Suck cock for your one and only British Mistress

A female pimp. A Mistress who Pimps out her subs/sissies/slaves.
A Pimp Mistress = Pimptress

I've owned and trained my sissy for 1 1/2 years now. 
He started as a nervous little sissy and has now turned into a pain slut and has sucked his first cock. 
I loved being their for the experience. Demanding he sucked that dick, watching him bend down in his sissy clothing, red lipstick lips wrapped around that fat dick and sucking as if his life depended on it. Watching him accept the cum into his mouth and greedily swallow it down as soon as he could tasting that sweet nectar to please his Mistress. 

Now I'm ready to expand my empire. 
I want MORE boys sucking dick and taking it up the arse for me. Earn me money while you pimp out your body to be my bitch AND LOVE IT. Nothing turns me on then getting that text to say you are off to suck dick, I'll sit there getting turned on thinking of the money and homosexual acts you are pulling off while I wait. Then afterwards getting a text to say how much you've earnt. 
Message me on here and we can arrange the meets, tasks and money. 
Work for me and feel the power. 

I will be your Pimptress and you will be my slut.

I also have contacts with bukkake groups so if they want to run a gay night then you can be their little cum covered slut for the evening.


Monday, 22 June 2015

Sissy gets pissed on, MistressX marks her territory

Mistress X and Mistress Dynamo take it in turns to piss on MistressX sissy sub, the following morning Mistress X pisses on him again to mark her territory, this bitch is hers.
Mistress Dynamos pee is a nice stream but the 2nd time MistressX aims it goes off like a sprinkler and goes everywhere.
They aim for his chastised cock.
Contains 3 urinations

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Some RealTime fun

So yesterday I had a real time session with Mistress Dynamo and my sissy jasmine. 
I got to the meeting point early so wondered around looking at shops and found a strip club, My sissy is in chastity so YES it HAD to be done! 
I met with Mistress Dynamo we had a catch up chat then My sissy jasmine turned up and was made to carry our bags. We found a fetish shop where Dynamo purchased a new pin wheel and paddle which we would be using later that night. 

We checked into the Hilton hotel and then went dress and shoes shopping as Dynamo had nothing she could wear for the surprise trip to the strip club. We walked up and down Oxford Street and sissy jasmine carried our bags like a good sub should. We got tired after an hour and decided to get a rickshaw back to the hotel until we found out it was £20 a minute and he wanted £60 to cycle 6 minutes! Fuck that! So we got a taxi instead which was just £10, of course sissy paid and I took the change. 

We got changed at the hotel and sissy jasmine put on his chastity device and put on a necklace wearing his key. 
We went to a nice restaurant and had beautiful food and drink then walked to the strip club. This is where the real fun started. 
We settled down and I took control of jasmines wallet and decided how much we had to spend, I took out £120 for dances and then he was to buy two rounds of drinks. 
As soon as we sat down a lovely lady came over to talk to us and I introduced jasmine as my little virgin boy (he isn't a virgin) and told her he was wearing a cage and I was wearing the key. We sent him off to have a dance and watched and laughed at him throughout from across the room. We (me and Dynamo) then decided to have a couples dance for us so the same dancer danced for us both at the same time. 
We had a round of drinks and watched a few girls dancing on stage using the pole (not pole dancing, more like pole leaning). More girls had come out and we chose a girl each (me and Dynamo) then I chose a girl for jasmine and we all got another dance. 
After this we decided to leave so we could do some more torture on jasmine. 

We firstly ordered some ice cream from room service as dinner had filled us up and I wanted some nice ice cream! 
We did several things with jasmine and decided to film them all for Niteflirt and Clips4sale. 
We first started with foot rubs as all that walking had hurt our feet so jasmine got changed into his sissy clothing and wig and proceeded to rub our feet. 

We then made his lie back and took off his chastity device. We put on Dynamos ball crusher and used the pin wheel on his balls, penis, feet, behind his knees and inner thighs. 
The safe word for tonight was PINK! 

We then got Dynamos new flogger and a slipper and beat his butt a nice shade of PINK, we also threw in a few rolls of the pin wheel AND some spray of deodorant to finish things off. 

After this we had discussed some waters ports in the past so we decided it was time to try. 
We put him in the bath and took it in turns to piss all over his chastity cage I like to think I was marking my territory and I did some more water sports on him in the morning after breakfast to REALLY mark my boy good. 

So I got a nice meal, room service, 2 lap dances, filmed sessions and £210. 
Considering he isn't a finsub or pain sub hahah Not a bad weekend!


What a weekend, originally it was supposed to be the femdom ball, but unfortunately that had been cancelled so mistress x and dynamo decided to just go ahead with a weekend in London with me accompanying them as their sub. Once we had all arrived it was shopping time, of course I carried all the bags as a sub should.
Later on we returned to the hotel where I was locked in chastity, ready for the rest of the evening. We went out for some dinner and then went to a strip club! Mistress x took great pleasure in telling the stripper I was locked in chastity, which she found hilarious and kept asking me questions about it which was very embarrassing. And let me say this getting a lapdance in chastity is painful, you are trying desperately to get hard but you just can't it's torture. Mistress x also enjoying getting me the largest stripper there, I wasn't allowed any of the thin blondes.
Afterwards we returned to the hotel room where I gave the mistresses a foot rub, then got spanked with a slipper and dynamo's new paddle, which hurt a lot, alongside the pinwheel, again which hurt like hell especially on my balls. Finally the evening finished in the tub with both of the mistresses pissing all over me, or as mistress x called it "marking her territory"
What a great weekend and I can't wait to see them again.

Friday, 19 June 2015

Raise the Rate done PROPERLY

I was confronted by a sub on Niteflirt today he started by playing my Wallet Drain Game:

He then couldn't help himself and wanted MORE.

So I gave it to him.
We played Raise The Rate and he impressed me, THAT'S how it's done!

Not content with the Wallet Drain and the Raise The Rate he also purchased my NEW goody bag "FLIP OFF RIP OFF" and a task to complete.
Such a good boy!

Thursday, 18 June 2015

#NFSUMMER Twitter contest winner!

I won $100 for the #NFSUMMER twitter contest.

This is the tweet that won! 
NOW this doesn't mean you stop buying, there are plenty of Goody Bags for you to purchase and making me smile!!

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Niteflirt Goody bag contest

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7TH JUNE 2015 
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Sunday, 7 June 2015

Breast Worship video - Niteflirt

My breast worship video is "Most liked this month" AND "Top goodies this week" on Niteflirt
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Saturday, 6 June 2015

Breast Worship Video

I know you love My nice big tits. especially when I tease you with them. 
You’re pathetic for a women and for a pair of perfect breasts you just can’t help yourself, you are weak and a loser and open your wallet to please them,

You can't help it you need Me so bad... You want Me SO bad.

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Thursday, 4 June 2015

What is it like to be owned by me?

I asked my Sissy who I've owned for over a year now to write what its like to be owned by me as a task and I thought I'd share: 

Where to start, i was a young student not entirely sure of what i was looking for on niteflirt, i'd gone on looking for some sissy tasks and the like when i came across MistressX's sissy gay video, i clicked it to view it in my inbox, as i did, i got a message from MistressX herself telling me to buy it, which of course i did, and was immediately hooked. From there we stated doing some sissy and forced bi tasks, it started small, painting my toenails, wearing panties, before moving on to butt plugs and gay porn.
i was incredibly impressed with her understanding manner, she knew exactly how to coerce me into trying new things and push my boundaries, going further and further until i found myself on my knees sucking cock while she laughed behind me.
She has helped me truly understand myself and my fetishes, and even sent me my first valentines card, addressed to her special sissy. Her real time sessions were amazing, ranging from chastity, to forced bi, to wax and spanking play, every time we met a new boundary was pushed, and a new experience was discovered, and each time i left happy and content if slightly sore at times. And soon the next step in our relationship will be occurring, where i shall be accompanying her to the femdom ball as her sissy servant. i can hardly wait.
i highly recommend her as a Domme, having experienced a few fakes along the way i can say she is one hundred percent real and worth every penny. i consider it an honour that she has chosen me to serve her and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.
The best Domme i have ever come across, and the only one for me.

Sissy Jasmine

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Sardax commission

My commission arrived today I'm so pleased with it, he also included a copy of Venus in Furs.

Monday, 1 June 2015

Niteflirt contest

Niteflirt are currently running a contest "Summer of Goodies sales contest" where they will award five Flirts with some extra cash for having the most unique Goody Bag buyers! When you buy a bag of $1.99 or more you get entered into a prize to win 100 Niteflirt dollars! 
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