Monday, 25 May 2015

Wheel of Fortune

Today was a fun day 
I had some subs play my wheel of fortune game
To play buy it here: 
or send £5 email gc to

A sissy paid her tiny cock tax

This boy played the wheel of fortune and paid the £50 forfeit then he realised he was a loser and licked his spunk from the toilet rim ANYWAY!

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Raise the Rate game

2 wallet drain games running simultaneously

THEN after that, it wasn't enough for one of the boys he played my Wallet Drain Game too.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015


I've been a bit slack posting tributes/raise the rate games from boys so here are some I havent posted yet:
I have a panty and tights boy who is addicted to buying my worn clothing so I made him buy me new tights and panties as I was running out, now he will pay for me to get them sweaty and dirty for him haha

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Raise the rate - Then he blocked me?

Raise the rate game got to $9 then he blocked me! 
This sub had to block me as my power over him was so strong he felt he wouldn't stop!

Oh well, who's next?
NF raise the rate game Tribute $5 Increase the PTV by $1 a time I'll post screenshots when we end

Or play via email gc send £10 to start to then I will go up by £10 a time and taunt you via email as you pay. Screenshots posted on twitter and here when you get to £50

Monday, 18 May 2015

Wallet drain fun

This boy couldn't keep up the high amounts so I went back down and up AGAIN.
Lots of fun, Who's next?

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Under consideration PRIDE? Where did it go?

It seems that subs are no longer wanting to impress a Domme, be under consideration and earn the right to be owned. 
Why are some subs in such a rush to be owned? Why do you expect to be swooped up as soon as you send one tribute, where is the price in impressing a Domme, showing your worth and working to be a part of her life? 
I remember seeing subs in chat telling everyone how lucky they were to be under consideration by a Domme and how they will work hard to be the best sub and one day hope to be owned by her. It happens less and less now. 

Its so boring seeing subs post online "I want to be owned" and waiting for Dommes to jump on them and send messages telling them they want to own them. Why would you want to own a sub who hasn't proved himself worthy of it? 

I hold subs under consideration for at least 3 months maybe longer if necessary. I am in NO RUSH to own a sub unless he is 100% dedicated and loyal to me. THIS is the reason so many subs are owned and unowned as quickly as they join the site. These are the same boys who complain they can't find a "real" Domme because they are in such a rush to be owned they don't take the time to impress, get to know or understand the process. 
Velcro collars and 5 day ownership's SHOULDN'T exist. If you want to tribute to many Dommes become a community slut there's nothing bad in admitting you like to tribute all the beautiful women.

I think the under consideration process is just as if not MORE important then ownership. This is where you lay everything on the line.. You get to show a Domme how much she means to you, how much you can offer her with your mind, soul and wallet and this process shouldn't be rushed. It is possibly the start of something beautiful that may last the rest of your life. 

I love getting a new boy under my consideration, that dizzy giddy feeling of his yearning and cravings for me. Hearing how he has watched me from afar and finally picked up the courage and getting to know him and how we connect on a higher level. Knowing how lucky he is to be part of my small unit of boys and hoping to be taken on for the long haul.