Wednesday, 23 December 2015

New cash cunt

New cash cunt raise the rate games, tributes, goody bag purchases.
I'm a happy lady.

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

2 New videos Introducing sissy Nikki and Double Domme homewreckers

MistressX and Dynamo dress up and slap on make-up on this Scottish sissy. Get him ready to go out on the town sucking cock for them.




We can be EVERYTHING that your wife ISN'T 
Crave the body of Married Mistress Dynamo, Submit to the beautiful body of MistressX.
We show off our beautiful perfect asses and cleavage.
Forget all about HER.


Saturday, 5 December 2015


For Christmas time I decided to reduce the price for my videos for those boys who wish to spoil themselves.
So get buying and enjoy yourself.

Monday, 30 November 2015

Oink oink piggy... But I always want more

Oink oink piggy... But I always want more email gcs to

Sunday, 29 November 2015

Findom Advent calendar

During the month of December I plan to have a bit of fun with raise the rate and an Advent Calendar.
Sign up today to be part of the fun. 

Play via or Niteflirt email gc to

All you have to do is tribute $1/£1 on the 1st December, $2/£2 on the 2nd December and so on.

In total it will add up to $325/£325
This will be a lovely Christmas present for Me and you. Of course you can pay a nice lump sum on Christmas day on top/in stead of the $25/£25. So what are you waiting for?  Sign up today and lets go!

Email me to sign up and at the end of the game I will show off all the tributes!

Monday, 23 November 2015

I paid to be advertised on and after sending them the payment I heard nothing so I emailed them, then I viewed their twitter today to find I was BLOCKED, I tried messaging on Niteflirt and again BLOCKED.


Monday, 16 November 2015

Realtime sessions and filming subs SUN 13TH DECEMBER

I will be holding a session and filming day with Mistress Dynamo. 

The day will be held here: at a studio/dungeon based in Wokingham Berkshire. SUNDAY 13TH DECEMBER. We are offering sessions for slaves, filming sessions and custom video sets.

We will be offering:
Corporal Punishment Caning, Whipping, Spanking Belly Punching Face Slapping
Verbal Domination/Humiliation
Nipple Torture
Ball Busting
Strap-On Worship (not anal play)
Sissification make-up, waxing, dressing up
Forced Bi sub on sub action
Fantasy Style Wrestling
Foot and Shoe Worship
Clothed Face sitting / smothering
Wax Play
Needle Play
Financial Domination
Candle wax play
Lesbian cuckold

If you have a fetish not listed please email to inquire.To see previous real time sessions you can visit my Clips4sale page here to see some videos

1hr - £200
2hr - £350
3hr - £500
Contact to book

Filming slaves also required, tribute is £150 for 2 hours and can be masked or unmasked.

What we will not partake under any circumstances, so please don't ask and waste our time and yours.

Any sexual contact/activity
Any escort work of any kind
Nude facesitting or Queening
Any scat play 

Saturday, 31 October 2015

Wax Play

It was fun today to have some wax play fun with a female model.
I am doing a unit on Feitishism at University and wanted to add wax play into the unit.
I managed to talk one of my female friends into letting me adorn her body with hot wax and here are the results.
Not as fun as making a man scream with wax on his cock, balls and ass but it looks beautiful.

Friday, 30 October 2015

Under consideration/Ownership UPDATE

Read my profile, blogs, Twitter and website to get a feel of my personality first. I also have videos on NF and C4S you can view to see my Domination style before contacting me. Hear my sexy British accent and feel the pull closer to ownership. 
Twitter @M1stressX. 

Ask me questions that aren't covered in my profile if you are curious about me. 

Talk to me about about things that go on in your daily life. I am interested in your kinks and fetishes but also you as a person. If you cant complete a task on time or it is not possible for you to do, then tell me why. I am also considerate and care for your well being and want you to open up to me and for us to have a relationship. If you wish to be owned by me then tribute is a must, don't cut and paste the same email to 10 dommes saying "Own me plz" without a tribute I WILL IGNORE IT. 

UNDER CONSIDERATION: You time to prove your worth, you will have daily contact with me and offer weekly tributes (or more if you are so inclined) You are free to talk to other Dommes in chat, twitter, etc. but you CAN NOT tribute another Domme. You must always be respectful to everyone. You represent Me and how I have trained you. You make Me look look bad... you will not like the outcome. So think about ME before you open your mouth. You must be able to tribute at least £50 a week to be owned by Me. If you can't afford £50 a week I will allow you to be a regular tributer to Me however you won't be considered as owned. 

TRIBUTE: It is NOT an option. Its a requirement to serve me. I have plenty of options on my website so there are NO EXCUSES. You give me money to fill that hole inside you, you live to give to me and making me smile is your goal. I have many positions for rich or poor subs depending on income. Each sub is individual and will be treated as such. However I will ONLY accept subs FOR OWNERSHIP who are working/retired ie YOU HAVE AN INCOME. I know My worth and my time is money. 

My Fetish's and Kinks 
I enjoy many fetishes some are listed below. If your fetish isn't listed send Me a message 
Financial: It turns Me on taking what's Mine out of your grubby hands. I love nothing more than being tributed to by men down on their knees who appreciate a true Goddess. 
Ownership/Keyholding: Approach Me, respect Me and impress Me to be held under consideration. I can afford to be picky so make your first impression count. 
Bill paying slaves: Why should I pay My bills when I have you to do it for Me? 
Line tasks & Twitter Retweeting Games: With a fine/payment after the games. The fun comes as you don't know how much I will be taking from you until the end. The anticipation makes your cock and wallet twitch. 
Foot/Shoe/Heel worship: I have perfect tiny size 4 feet that deserve your worship, kisses and grovelling. 
Ass worship, Cleavage worship: I know I'm perfect it makes you weak. I love controlling you with what I have. 
Strap-on Worship, Feminisation/Sissification: I love dressing up My sissies watching them train their ass making it gape ready to be pimped out and buggered. I love laughing at tiny clitty dicks in panties. I'll get you down sucking big black cock and begging for a facial. Be My sissy slut cum dump whore. 
Cock & Ball Torture CBT: Surprise Me. Needle play, clothes pegs, wax play, sounding and more.
Ignore Sessions: Beg for my attention as I DENY you it. 
Small Penis Humiliation (SPH): Call that a penis? That's a fucking innie 
Verbal Humiliation & Abuse: I like to have fun and laugh hard taking the piss out of you. 
Racial Humiliation: I offer all round humiliation based on race, colour and religion. (ROLEPLAY) 
Cuckold: Want to be my clean up bitch? (ROLEPLAY) 
Wax Play: My FAVOURITE fetish. I love watching it drip all over a subs body. My FAVOURITE real time activity. 
Mind Fuck/Hypnosis: Watch to get addicted to My voice and beauty. I will wrap my mental chains around your mind and soul. Once the addiction takes hold there's no going back. 
Computer control for shopping purposes only: Self explanatory. DEPOSIT REQUIRED. 
Watersports and hardsports: YOU getting wet and messy while I watch and abuse you. 

Message me for real time information or visit my website 

Sunday, 11 October 2015

FemDomme Ball 2015

I had a wonderful evening last night at the Femdom ball. Hosted by International ebony Mistress Madam Caramel. I met the lovely Mistress Dynamo and her sub spuddy at the station and we headed to the hotel where we relaxed and searched for a restaurant. It seemed there were NO restaurants in this area open on a Saturday (MENTAL) so we walked and found a restaurant called the Hare and Tortoise it was a beautiful Japanese restaurant. I had to run off and leave Mistress Dynamo and her sub to go to the venue early as I was modelling Olympia Latex and they needed me to get there early to try it on. It was a wonderful outfit but it had a TINY strap-on I feel I know now what it is like for a man to have a small penis, it felt useless and I know it wouldn't have done anything to anyone haha.  I was also filmed by LatexTV who were there so I look forward to seeing myself on video.
After the show I met Ma'amMalice and Goddess Qadesh from who I had spoken to online but never in real life. They were both lovely and I was lucky enough to get a photo with Malice during the night. She also won a raffle prize of a latex outfit so GO YOU!! WHOOOP WHOOP! 
I also met the wonderful Sardax he came and introduced himself to me and he was lovely. 
I had an Irish unowned sub sniffing about most of the night. He started by kissing and licking my beautiful Irregular Choice shoes then I got bored of him so we went to the high protocol room. 
He wouldn't shut the fuck up so I sat on his face full weight on a chair then used my heels to stomp on his balls as I lay on him. It was refreshing and shut him up for a while. Then Mistress Dynamo had some ball busting with him too, her boots were made for kicking and that's what she did! 
I spied an Italian boy who was waiting in the wings on his knees who wanted a beating so I had him in the shackles and I cropped him a few times. I watched Mistress Dynamo use her subs belt to beat him with as she hadn’t brought any equipment with her. 

There were several “lucky boys” during the evening. Firstly there was “smedley” an older gentleman of about 70 dressed in tuxedo and dickie bow tie. His Mistress took down his pants, stepped him into the spanking table and all the Dommes in the room were allowed 6 spanks of his cheeks, I gave him 6 of the best. Then another lucky boy who was trained to be caned with no warm up was bent over and allowed 2 canes from all the ladies in the room, again I gave him 2 whacks. It was a wonderful evening and I can’t wait to do it again.

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Happy Birthday MistressX

Who dares tribute $32 every day (or as many days are you can) between now and my birthday on 28th October.. I'll be turning 32..

or £32 via email GC to

Happy Birthday Mistressx line task
Send £1 per mistake email gc to

Do it everyday until my Birthday on the 28th

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Two 30 minutes ass worship ignore sessions today

Lots of fun.
I will have to do more.
Laying on my bed, back to the camera and ignoring YOU.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

My Birthday 28th October

It will be my birthday on the 28th October (I know I don't look a day over 21!) 
I am posting in advance for my birthday ALL gifts I receive in October I will save to open on my birthday and post a video of me opening them! I am giving you about a MONTHS notice so you have no excuses! Be good little boys and subbies and get contributing! 
Its your job to spoil me like the Goddess I am and ensure YOU have given ALL YOU CAN to make sure my birthday goes well. 

How to tribute to my birthday 
1. email gc to 
2. Payoneer to 
3. Amazon Wishlist 
4. Tribute via Niteflirt 

I will add to my wishlist when it starts to deplete but for now there's plenty for you to buy on there. 

Thank you in advance 
Mistress X 

Saturday, 12 September 2015

Using a Man As a Table for Cake Sitting!

After spanking a submissives bottom Mistress Dynamo and MistressX decide to do some cake sitting. They use the submissive as a table and fill the cake bases with squirty cream. They then lay a cake on him and sit on it both wearing amazing thongs. They continue to sit and squash cakes on him then use the smaller cakes for their feet. After they have made the mess they cover the submissive man with the leftover cake and use their feet to rub it into his body.