Friday, 30 September 2016

My birthday MONTH

It will be My birthday on the 28th October.
I am posting in advance for my birthday ALL gifts I receive in October I will save to open on My birthday and post a video of me opening them! I am giving you about a MONTHS notice so you have no excuses!
Be a good little submissive and get contributing! 
It's your job to spoil Me like the Goddess I am and ensure YOU have given ALL YOU CAN to make sure My birthday goes well. 

How to tribute to my birthday 
1. email gc to 
2. to 
3. Amazon Wishlist
4. Tribute via Niteflirt 
5. Complete my birthday line task every day from now until the 28th and pay $1 per mistake you make! (Via Circle or AmazonUK gc listed above)

I will add to my wishlist when it starts to deplete but for now there's plenty for you to buy on there. 

Thank you in advance 
Mistress X