Wednesday, 29 October 2014

My 31st Birthday

I had a wonderful 31st Birthday.
I went to the Zoo with my boyfriend and then a 5 star hotel and the manager even showed us around the cellar and told us ghost stories about the hotel as I love that sort of thing.
We stayed at the hotel then I went to Gainsboroughs House the museum and art gallery at the birthplace of Thomas Gainsborough it was AMAZING.
I went out to dinner with my family last night for a Thai.

Don't forget my birthday WEEK isn't over yet! email gcs

Monday, 6 October 2014

2 more new videos Corporal Punishment and Lesbian Cuckolding with forced bi


MistressX and Dynamo spank, flog, beat and cane this loser, They agree on 10 lashes of the cane.. but they lose count! How many does he end up taking?   

After a long days domination Mistressx and Dynamo ride their subs into the dungeon on "horse" back. They lock the two subs in the cage before releasing their sexual frustrations out on each other. Before long they decide to push the sissy into sucking gimps cock and he does with gusto! Gimp comes in record time and humiliation ensues.  

Thursday, 2 October 2014

2 new videos Ice torture and foot fetish.


Mistressx and Dynamo entertain themselves with some Ice torture on "gimp" and "sissy". They rub them all over with ice, put the ice cubes up the subs asses then make them eat the cubes! 
They finish with some foot stuffing in the subs mouths with ice-cubes in there.

Mistressx and Dynamo put their feet up on a gimp slave after a hard days Dominating. They call the foot boy sissy to take off their sweaty stinking boots and manky sweat soaked socks. Sissy puts the socks under gimps face and removes and repaints their toe nail varnish then blows them dry.