Tuesday, 28 April 2015

My 2yr belated findoms.com birthday

On the 18th April 2015 it was my two year Findoms.com birthday! 

Happy birthday to me. 
I am writing this blog early as after my real time session yesterday and out conversation about my style it gave me lots of ideas of what to put in this blog. 
Since joining the site I have met and spoken to many beautiful strong women from all over the world and have learnt so much. 
I have met boys who I talk to on a regular basis and could almost consider them friends (almost).

My style from day 1 have changed so much. 
I have stopped messaging subs and wait for them to contact me on findoms. As a Royal member I can see who views my profile and how many times so obviously for shy boys I will eventually message you and give you permission to send me a message back. 
Unless I get a message from a boy asking to be called bitch/cunt/slut etc.. I won’t abuse you straight away. I will get to know you and your kinks before any abuse. I will never ask for tribute unless you come to me begging to hand it over or start discussing fetish talk and are obviously getting off on it. 

Even as a Findom I know the value of money. To me £25 I accept tributes of that value in one go with a smile knowing it would have taken me 3/4hrs in my vanilla job to earn. I am happy to take that and appreciate what it means. I know some Dommes think if you don't take £300 in one sitting you aren't a "real" Fin Domme I think that's bullshit and bravado and that's simply not me! Remember some subs like to start low and work higher as they get to know you and get comfortable with you. 

I will ALWAYS thank a sub who tributes or sends a gift. Just because a boy is a submissive doesn't mean he doesn't deserve recognition in his sacrifice. If a boy contacts me and wishes to be ignored and send tribute then I will oblige but I was always brought up to say thanks when gifted and I always will. Your gifts/money make me happy and you deserve to see me smile in a photo or a message telling you how much you have made me smile. You want to contribute to my lifestyle paying for my luxuries and pampering which makes ME happy so why not acknowledge the lowly boy who handed it over to me on his knees. 
I will add subs who tribute to my Skype but this doesn't mean that you will be allowed to message me everyday you see me on-line you must tribute AGAIN. Also if you approach me with "what do I get for £x" I will always say 2mins webcam no matter what the amount, I will take the piss I tell YOU how much I expect not the other way around. I do not add random Skype requests. Yes my Skype is on my profile but you must make it worth my while. My time = money use it wisely. 
If you add me on Skype and say you are a member from here and refuse to give me your findoms profile link I WILL BLOCK YOU, I will immediately assume you are owned and I do not want to deal with that OR if you say you were a member and not any more or found my link whilst browsing the site but are not a member ALSO BLOCKED. 

If anything I think I've become more "lazy" with it not bothering boys with my attention unless they prove themselves worthy, I have had a few time wasters and this has made me less money driven and more "get to know you". 

I have done more real time sessions this year and will be attending my first Femme Domme Ball in the summer. 
I have videos of my RT sessions for subs who may wish to book to see me in action.http://clips4sale.com/51061 I am still doing RT sessions with another Mistress as I keep learning each time we work together. By next year I'm sure I'll be taking on subs one to one but for now I am happy to work with her to learn new skills and safety precautions. I'm not in a rush to go solo, in fact I enjoy doing double Domme sessions VERY MUCH. 
I have found my calling on Niteflirt 
www.niteflirt.com/M1stressX as you can see ALL my lines are 5 star rated and I have MANY regular boys who love to open their wallet to this British Mistress. I love nothing more then abusing sissies and subs on the phone or cam from the comfort of my own home. I have also been known to joke, laugh and tell stories to subs on my financial line where the conversation took us to an hr of just chat... chat and spending.. 
My style of domination isn't about swearing, shouting and being forceful its working out what makes a guy tick and taking advantage of it. (which could always be humiliation and being sworn and shouted at but mostly the guys who approach me don't want/need that to submit their wallet to me) 

I have been here 2 years and I still don't own any boys from here. I own boys from elsewhere obviously but I'm in no rush to lay claim to anyone until they prove their worth. 3 months consideration period is all I ask and no one has passed that yet from here. 
I am still accepting subs I have room for 2 more boys so approach me correctly and you could be my first findoms boy. 

Remember there is NO right way or wrong way to Domme only “different” ways. If someone is doing something you don’t believe is Dominant then block and move on. You don’t earn money with drama so you are better off without it in your life. 
My favourite saying is “Do a job you love and never work a day in your life” I wouldn't say this is a job it is a natural calling however I BLOODY LOVE IT. 
There is no competition in the Domme world, I see fellow Dommes like my sisters and supporting network. I feel pride when others do well. We all have our own specialisation and niches and that's what makes this website work. I love the community spirit that the Dommes and subs give to this website and that's why I think I have stayed as long as this and will continue to stay as long as this site is running. 

As its my two year anniversary on the site presents are of course welcome!!! 
Giftrocket / Amazon.co.uk GCs to mistressx@hotmail.co.uk 
My website which was created this year http://www.mistressx.co.uk 
Twitter for those who still don't follow me (I only follow back boys who tribute)https://twitter.com/M1STRESSX 

Be owned by me

Want to be under consideration then finally the pleasure of being owned by a beautiful British Mistress?
Then read my website and contact me the RIGHT way to be considered. 

 I have spaces for loyal, dedicated losers, subs, sissies and those who like to spoil a powerful, intelligent and Dominant women.

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

See what came in the post

Canon EOS 1200D camera
Camera bag
Coconut oil
Hula hoop exercise DVD
Memory card for camera

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Why I don't offer Cuckolding.

Cuckold historically referred to a husband with an adulterous wife and is still often used with this meaning.
Cuckold derives from the cuckoo bird, alluding to the alleged habit of the female in changing its mate frequently and authentic (in some species) practice of laying its eggs in other nests within its community

I was an adulterous wife and had a Cuckold husband. It went on for 4 months he was happy for me to see the other man "for sex" as long as I "still loved" him and "came home every night". I would meet the man at the train station we would see each other then he would drop me off in the car park and my husband would pick me up from outside the station. They never met each other.
It went on and I realised I didn't love him. 
I loved the new improved man so I divorced my ex husband and nearly 4 years later am still with my boyfriend.

The reason I don't agree with offering Cuckolding in the REAL sense would be that firstly I'm not married. Secondly if a sub wanted to be my cuckold it would mean I had to have some sort of loving connection to them and that wouldn't happen I have a boyfriend and I'm not interested in fucking anyone else especially a sub my boyfriend will NEVER be a Cuckold.

I am more then happy to offer a "lesbian Cuckold" experience with a Domme who I care about subs can only watch and it involves forced bi (there are two subs). Even then it isn't a REAL Cuckold experience it is just showing off what A SUB will NEVER have, never be able to do to me.

I've seen many Dommes claim to do Cuckolding but unless they have a husband and are fucking subs then the REAL meaning of cuckolding doesn't apply.

I may edit this later after a few comments but as I see if unless you fuck a sub then it isn't a true Cuckolding experience. Unless you are cheating on your husband/boyfriend it isn't a true Cuckold experience. Using male models/prostitutes to fuck in front of a sub isn't a true Cuckold experience.

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Pay for my student loan

I will be starting a 3yr university course in September.
BA Hons Fine Art

I have saved £1000 in an ISA and will be saving the next £6k in there.
I will be taking out a £7000 student loan and intend to raise the £7k in three years so when I finish the degree I will have the money AND interest on the ISA to pay off the loan and have money left over.

Contribute towards my ISA savings.

New boy and a GREAT weekend

A new boy spent the weekend impressing me!
£300 Amazon.co.uk GCS
$486.50 NF (after nf commission)
£150 Paypal

All from ONE sub

Friday, 3 April 2015

RT trainer purchase and meet

This sub who I have met before had previously purchased my panties and was desperate to purchase my worn, stinking trainers. 
We discussed it but due to circumstances it wasn't possible for him to purchase until now, it was a quick decision and we agreed on today. He sent me a £60 deposit and agreed to purchase the trainers for £200. 
My ex husband had bought them for me so they cost me nothing. 

The planned meet was at 12 midday but the boy got so excited he must have sped all the way here as he got to me 30mins early so he went to Costa as I drove up to the town centre. He got me a hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream and I saw his big bald head shining like a beacon down the street as I walked towards Costa. 
I drank my hot chocolate, he drank his coffee and we chatted. 
We spoke about Domme, Findom and real time sessions. 
He spoke to me about other Dommes. I spoke about the way I conduct myself now compared to how I did when I first started this site. I am nearing my 2yr anniversary soon so I will blog about what I realised during our discussion in more detail. 
We sat at a two seater which had a bench along the end and it was packed so I could see the shy boys eyes darting around during fetish talk he was a shy creature. We sat with my worn, stinky trainers under the table in a bag and I knew he was itching to see them. 

We headed out to find a hidden part of the shopping centre. I told him to sit on a wet bench (haha) I took a photo and he gave me the money. I then gave him a quick squeeze and off he went. 
I text him after some taunting messages for him to read when he gets home. 

The boy after the exchange of money holding his bag of goodies, how happy he looks! 

As I said when talking to him "Do a job you love and never WORK a day" Smile 
I have yet to do a cash point meet or shopping meet with a sub who wishes me to publicly humiliate them but one day I will do it. So far taking money with a chat and a smile is a good style and I love it.