Sunday, 20 September 2015

Two 30 minutes ass worship ignore sessions today

Lots of fun.
I will have to do more.
Laying on my bed, back to the camera and ignoring YOU.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

My Birthday 28th October

It will be my birthday on the 28th October (I know I don't look a day over 21!) 
I am posting in advance for my birthday ALL gifts I receive in October I will save to open on my birthday and post a video of me opening them! I am giving you about a MONTHS notice so you have no excuses! Be good little boys and subbies and get contributing! 
Its your job to spoil me like the Goddess I am and ensure YOU have given ALL YOU CAN to make sure my birthday goes well. 

How to tribute to my birthday 
1. email gc to 
2. Payoneer to 
3. Amazon Wishlist 
4. Tribute via Niteflirt 

I will add to my wishlist when it starts to deplete but for now there's plenty for you to buy on there. 

Thank you in advance 
Mistress X 

Saturday, 12 September 2015

Using a Man As a Table for Cake Sitting!

After spanking a submissives bottom Mistress Dynamo and MistressX decide to do some cake sitting. They use the submissive as a table and fill the cake bases with squirty cream. They then lay a cake on him and sit on it both wearing amazing thongs. They continue to sit and squash cakes on him then use the smaller cakes for their feet. After they have made the mess they cover the submissive man with the leftover cake and use their feet to rub it into his body.

Monday, 7 September 2015

Masturbation addict visits sadistic nurses - VIDEO

A sub visits the MistressX with swollen balls, he claims he either masturbates too much or not enough.
She laughs and gets the head nurse Mistress Dynamo in to help her diagnose his issue.
They decide he masturbates too much and must lock him up to stop his nasty habit! They tie him down to the table fist so he can't escape.
They have to get rid of his disgusting erection first. It is already leaking pre-cum when he takes off his pants which disgusts them as sadistic professionals he clearly isn't taking his "issue" seriously. 
They put the tens machine on his thighs and nipple clamps on his tiny nipples. The machine works a treat and he shakes and quivers with the electric pulses that zap his body.
Although he stays hard so MistressX decides if he wants to be hard he can be hard and masturbates his cock with sandpaper until it bleeds.  His cock still stays hard so Mistress Dynamo gets some cold water to splash over his cock and it shrivels up even more tiny and pathetic.
They decide if they are going to lock his cock then he will dress as a sissy and put on some colourful star knickers and cute pink bra. They then send put on the chastity device and send him off and laugh at him as he leaves.

Damn I'm sexy

Photos I took from the Real Time session on 6th September 2015
Videos and blog to come shortly.

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Amazon GCs for my University Supplies

I start University on 14th September to study Fine Art.
I am saving email gcs for my books and art supplies I will have to buy for my course. (Some books will be around £25/£30 each) email gcs to