Wednesday, 30 April 2014

See what came in the post

Captain American
Iron Man 3
x2 Scupley Keepsake Clay


Multi cartoon print harem trousers

Monday, 28 April 2014

Books and materials for college

I start an art course in September then I will be doing a Fine art degree in September 2015.

ALL my holiday items have now been purchased from my wishlist so now I want you to clear all my college supplies and books that are now on there! 
OR email gcs to

I want them bought before August so I have the summer to practise my art skills before I start the course!

Some of my recent art work is below:

Saturday, 26 April 2014

See what came in the post

A nice bunch of goodies arrived today:

10 minute watercolours
Pastels made easy
Life drawing

Oil pastels
Watercolour paint

Gift experience: Pet photo-shoot

Vintage 1950's floral tiki leopard print dress
Shapeware pants.

Can't wait for the rest to arrive!

Friday, 25 April 2014

NEW Double domination video on clips4sale

New video On Clips4sale 

Mistressx and Dynamo tie a sub to the St Andrews cross, spit on him, slap him with vampire gloves and abuse his cock so badly his cock piercing bleeds!
Go there for ALL my abuse, humiliation, domination, mindfuck and more videos!

Thursday, 24 April 2014

If you don't have any female clothes YOU WILL MAKE THEM.

My sissy had no ladies clothes so I made him make a bra and panties with Tape.. 

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Buy my CROWN

Today I went to the dentist because I chipped a tooth.
I chipped the tooth and some of the previous filling came with it.

I need a white crown and it will be a bill of £395 for YOU to pay
I have a nice holiday in June and I don't want to pay when I have you to do it for me!

Giftrocket / Payoneer to
Contact me for Western Union.

Blackmail and Ruin

So I’d like to explain how I go about ‘ruining’ a sub. 
Recently a sub approached me wanting me to ruin him. 
I said he must be patient, I take my time, I want the sub to feel the strain of being ruined. 

I will demand money each week (or set up a standing order on the subs account). I will start at a low amount and gradually week after week increase it. The sub will feel the tightening in his lifestyle ever so slowly. After a few months it will really gain momentum and he will be living off a pittance. 
I don’t believe in stepping in taking the subs money, putting him in his overdraft then leaving *slaps hands another boy ruined onto the next* I want the relationship to grow, I want to drain you slowly and with great pleasure. 

I was also contacted for blackmail. I have the details and I’m ready to go but haven't yet been paid. I won’t do any threats or start my blackmail procedures until I receive a payment. ‘I get paid every Friday’ doesn’t cut it with me. Until I get paid I won’t even look at your blackmail form, why should I waste MY time if you can’t be bothered! 

I have also had a strange encounter. A sub contacted me, sent me an amazon gc for a 20min webcam session then 15 minutes later said ‘I’ll tell you when I’m ready for the session’ I left it, made dinner and carried on with my evening 2 hours later STILL NOTHING. I’ve given up. I’m NOT going to give you a refund you wasted my time! I’m sorry but if you aren’t ready when I am then you give up the right to a refund! 
YOU work to please me NOT the other way round. I say when the webcam sessions happen and if you can’t be bothered to turn up then that's it! 
AND I didn't 'take your money and run' if you are thinking of complaining. I have our Skype conversation all saved to show if I need to. 

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

What I Look for in a sub and HOW TO SERVE ME

I want a sub who worships me and only me. 
Some dommes insist on every penny and want to make a man bankrupt. In the real world this is not possible and for a man to become bankrupt it means he is no longer of any use to me. 

Learn something about Me before approaching. 
Read my profile! 
Follow me on Twitter @M1stressX. 

I offer slave/sub ownership, Consensual blackmail, financial domination and chastity/key holding. 


You will address me as MistressX nothing else. It will always be capitalised. I only talk to subs on Skype/Yim for PAID sessions unless you are owned by me, and you will ASK for permission to speak to me when I am on Skype/YIM. Just because I am online does not mean I want to talk to you. I will let you know if I am busy when you greet Me and ask for permission to speak. Otherwise you can message me for free on findoms. 

TRIBUTE: It is NOT an option. Its a requirement to serve me. I have plenty of options on my website so there are NO EXCUSES. You give me money to fill that hole inside you, you live to give to me and making me smile is your goal. If you are unsure then message me and wait until I answer you. MINIMUM TRIBUTE IS £50/$85 A WEEK FOR OWNERSHIP. 

Talk to me about about things that go on in your daily life. If you cant complete a task on time or it is not possible for you to do, then tell me why. 
I allow you to show your personality and get to know me personally. I will draw a line you can not cross and warn you if you cross it but don't be afraid to have a joke with me as unless you are paying for a session I am not going to abuse and humiliate you for the sake of it (unless you state before ownership that's what you want in our relationship)

If Under Consideration with me you are free to talk to other Dommes in chat, twitter, instant messages etc, but you CAN NOT tribute another Domme. If owned then you may only chat in the public chats. You must always be respectful to everyone. You represent Me and how I have trained you. You make me look look bad... you will not like the outcome. So think about ME before you open your mouth. 

The rest of My requirements are individual and tailored to each sub. I treat each sub is an individual, finances and kinks are discussed prior to sessions or ownership. It is important that your focus and drive in life be me.