Monday, 30 August 2021

Hear my Satanic verse and repent

Hear my Satanic verse and repent video hitting the top 5 on Clips4sale Religious category. 
BUY.and  REPEAT I want to be #1. 

Saturday, 28 August 2021

Watch wearing mesmerising Finger snapping Mind-Fuck

I saw you glancing at my watch earlier.
That is good because from this moment on every time you notice a lady wearing a watch like me, you will find that you are instantly, automatically and naturally reminded of me and the power and control I have over you.
Seeing a lady wearing a watch whether in real life, a film, on Television or in a photograph will allow your subconscious to instantly and automatically remind your conscious of me my hypnotic power over you and your need to be please and support me.
‘MistressX’s desire is my pleasure.’
‘Watches remind me to watch.’
‘Pleasing is arousing.’
Keep saying those mantras out loud…

Friday, 27 August 2021


Started charging for my OnlyFans.

With over £800 ($1000) worth of content for just ($36) £26 a month with 2 videos ($27/£20 worth of video) added a week NO PAY TO VIEW . I also accept requests!

📷Photoset $2 per photo minimum 10 photos
🎬 Video $5 a minute minimum 10 minutes
🎬 For a 1 or 2 minute video it'll be $25

🍆Dick rating text $25
🍆Dick rating video $50

Saturday, 21 August 2021

Turning you gay mind control

Warning: This clip will make you seriously addicted to me and will turn you into the out and proud gay man you were born to be.
Contains subliminal mindfuck, sissification and homosexual suggestions, and binaural beats.


Repeat after me , as you masturbate.

I’m a homosexual with a small penis.

I love to masturbate my pathetic small gay Willy.

I love being a transvestite queer for other gay men.

I am gay and I need another gay man to be complete.

Good . It’s good to be honest, it’s good to tell the truth about yourself, accepting you’re homosexuality makes you hornier and your desire for men grows each day.

Thursday, 19 August 2021

Wednesday, 18 August 2021

Nothing is more sexy than edging without release

Warning: This clip will make you seriously addicted to me and will keep your cock and balls on the edge. Expect blueballs for hours.
Contains subliminal mindfuck, edging, suggestions, and binaural beats.

Feel it. Feel the power of my control over your penis.

Nothing is sexier than edging without release

Nothing is more powerful than edging without release

Nothing is more powerful than submitting to Mistress and not to your cock

You want to stay in this moment for me

Stay on the edge for me

You have no other choice but to give in

coming would ruin this

Orgasming would mean this would be over

Coming would end this session for good

Edging and not coming will keep you going going for hours 

Why would you come?

Why would you want this to end?

When your cock feels really good

You can keep going on and on and keep holding on to this wonderful feeling

Saturday, 14 August 2021

Assnosis #2

My second ass worship video to get you addicted to my big beautiful Ass. Thongs, g-strings, panties and naked ass spreading and asshole showing.

You want to worship my big white round ass. 

You want to be addicted to my perfect body and hypnotic voice

This recording will get you deeper into addiction and craving me like never before.

You are a zombie for my beautiful ass

You are a robot for my perfection

You are a slave to my asses seduction

You lose control so easily to my ass

Wednesday, 11 August 2021

Sunday, 8 August 2021

Female sub describes how much it means to serve me.

I am a mature transwoman, completely submissive by nature, who found myself yesterday, August 6th, in a fairly desperate state of acute neediness. The move i had recently made alone across three time zones to a place mostly unfamiliar to me in clime and culture had been playing on my mind for weeks.. The solitude i had sought and found had betrayed me. It was a case of the warning," be careful what you wish for", coming to roost atop my spirit. Oh, i knew what was the cause and i thought i had prepared for it, but a global pandemic had interfered with my plans. 
When the emotions "tsunamied" over me, i began to panic. i needed the relief that only the guidance and control of a Dominant woman could provide; she would have to be an experienced, believable, credible, Lifestyle Domme. 
I turned to niteflirt as my best immediate choice. it just seem to happen for me, magically, that i quickly came across the listing for M1stressX.
In that moment i was compelled to stop and study how she described herself and her background. My mind locked on to the way she showed herself so openly, vividly, and visually. On Her listing page there were 5 pictures of her looking right into my soul with such fierce penetrating eyes that there was no need for words. Thousands of words wouldn't have told me as much as her gaze instantly fed into my mind and spirit. 
Everything slowed down. My anxiety shrivelled and disappeared.. Her eyes held me motionless for what seemed to be an hour or more. I looked from one photo to another and another, back and forth across the quintuplet snapshots of M1stressX. 
Eventually i was able to move and i went through, over and over again, the nearly 150 videos and photos M1stressX had produced. Together they comprised an artist's catalogue of examples of her widespread expertise in her field of BDSM. 

I spent almost 2 hours poring over all this content until my poor head was spinning dizzily. Then realizing that i was overwhelmed, i remembered that there was a way to reach out to M1stressX in a chat mode if she were to be available. Happily she was. 
So, with hands shaking, i drew in a deep breath let it out with a sigh and began typing out a thumbnail of myself and my predicament. I blurted out so much verbiage as to be annoying possibly. Realizing that, i sent M1stress a monetary tribute for the time and bother of reading my rant and plea. M1stress graciously read and replied to my main question. I had asked, somewhere in the rambling paragraph, the question of whether she could recommend which of her videos might best pertain to me and my situation as a submissive in search of training in worship and servitude. 
M1stressX then sent me links to a few of her videos, then questioned me a bit more and based on her intuitive reading of me, sent me some further video links to fill out my curriculum. Taking her expert word to heart, I purchased 8 of the videos. 
After watching them, i found that each was very instructive and the following were precisely what i needed to absorb: 1) Female Sub, Foot Fetish and Foot Spanking. I found that I was fully involved with M1stress and her sub and would act exactly as her devoted sub was serving...with passion that was quite pleasing to M1stress. i could see the mindless worship that was obviously genuine; 2) Introduction to Hypnosis. I was easily persuaded to trust M1stress to take me into her fold and to give myself totally to her care; 3) Welcome To Mental Slavery. There is no way i could ever not have opened myself completely into mental slavery, giving up my free will and turning it all over to M1stress; 4) Ownership Hypnosis, Be My Slave. Further trust of M1stress to make all decisions and have me deeply devoted to her; 5) SISSINOSIS. Pretty self-explanatory; and, 6) Sissy Faggot Hypnosis. Also, self-explanatory. The last 2 mentioned really do not directly pertain to me because i am a post-op woman. But close enough, right. They are inseparable from the others because of seeing that spectacular face (and form) of M1stressX throughout. 
M1stress is unique unto herself in speaking volumes without having to say a word. From the moment i first saw those 5 photos on M1stress's niteflirt listing, as i told you before, she was identifiable as a "submissive whisperer". Thank You, M1stressX for being who you are. 
To mis-translate Julius Caesar: "I came. I saw. You conquered" 

Saturday, 7 August 2021

You are a SINFUL homosexual

I hear you are thinking dirty, filthy, blasphemous thoughts. You are thinking of going gay for god? These thoughts you are having a sinful, dirty and wrong. You will be judged. You will go to hell and get your holy holes filled by other sinful men.
I have a sinful penis here to punish you.
You want to be fucked by satan and pegged and punished by me.
You are opening your ass up to penis.
You are opening your ass up to the Devil.

Wednesday, 4 August 2021

JOI and JOE hypnosis

I'm going to make you a promise. I promise that if you listen to what I say I am going to make you cum. And I'm going to make you cum twice as hard as you usually do. 
Just through the power of my voice I am going to make you EXPLODE in a wave of pleasure.
I love how much I can turn you on just using my voice.
Keep rubbing your hand up and down your shaft. Squeeze and play with your balls with your other hand. Up and down. Up and down. 
It feels so good, doesn't it?
Grab your cock. Start stroking.
Keep stroking for me. Get to that edge. Harder. Hold it.
I want to drain you, I want your to spill your seed all over your stomach.


Sunday, 1 August 2021

Findom debt contract series August

Starting the 1st January 2021 and the first of every month I will be releasing a financial debt contract series.

I will be increasing the cost of each video depending on the month January $10, Feb $20, Dec $120 so be sure to buy each video in the series and wait patiently when the first of each month rolls around so you can be the first to buy and show your appreciation of my love for your wallet. Over 12 months you will pay off your debt of $780.
The videos are short and sweet, Pure findom.