Monday, 29 May 2017

I am not a Findomme..

.I'm a fetish content provider and On-Line/Real-time ProDomme I realise 3 years ago it was great subs were paying My bills when I posted I wanted them paid. I went on holiday (funded by subs) I had excursions (funded by subs) and was taken on shopping trips. 

This year 3 years later I am going abroad again for the 1st time since then and nothing. Well a good reliable community sub has purchased items. I had a pair of bikini bottoms purchased without the top and NO subs have come forward offering to tribute towards the cost of My holiday or My excursions.

A lot has happened in this time. I've gone to University maybe I'm slack and not putting as much into FinDomming as I was? I've even had subs say they haven't tributed or approached Me because they ASSUMED I was too busy and had too many subs to pay attention to them. "Never ASSUME, because when you ASSUME, you make an ASS of U and ME" 

Last year I earned more then I ever have! I am now happy to be a fetish content provider and webcam and real-time Domme. I'm happy with that. If a sub wishes to approach Me then I'll speak with you but right now I'm not a Findomme. It seems subs want or expect a million messages, texts, chat or more before they are willing to hand over any money. I get bored of subs who are haggling, those who say I'm too expensive or that they want Me to persuade them to pay up because it turns THEM on... I'm just not into that, that's not what gets Me off!

I miss the good old days of a sub tributing because your photos are beautiful and they wish you to have a good day, or offering to pay for a Mani/Pedi or seeing a post wanting a bill reimbursed just so they can have an impact even a small one of your life. 

I know it's Me, if other Dommes are finding it easy then it must just be I'm online at the wrong times, posting the wrong things etc so best just to step back I think. I think Maybe I should have stepped back a few months ago but I have a holiday coming up so I can recharge and come back better then ever. 

Things change over the years and we have to adapt. I just no longer consider Myself a FinDomme I don't feel what I provide is of that category. Yes I make fetish and Domination videos and hold sessions for money but that is making money from a product and that it something I personally don't consider FinDomme.

Saturday, 27 May 2017

MesmerEYES Eye hypnosis

Get lost in My gorgeous green eyes.
I give you permission to relax and stare, look at them, look at Me.
Relax and feel their strength pulling you in, deeper and deeper, stronger and stronger.
You can't break free now feel My gaze bring you under My control.
Be mesmerised by My hypnotic eyes

Look at the beauty they behold.
Just think of my eyes, My perfect green eyes staring deep into your soul.
Entrapping your mind and controlling your senses.
Crave My glance and stare from My perfect eyes
I’ll leave you with an addiction that will have you coming back again and again
You can’t help it
Just a little look each time
Just a little peek and you will be under My spell always

Sunday, 14 May 2017

Double Domination - London - June 3rd

London - Primrose Hill London 
3rd June 
£350 an hr
Filmed session £275 an hr
Cash Point meets £200 MINIMUM

Email to book

Adult Babies
Ball Busting
Bondage (Shibari)
Cock and Ball Torture
Corporal Punishment
Cross Dressing
Doggy Training
Domestic Servitude
Face Sitting/Queening (clothed)
Financial Domination (FinDom)
Foot/Shoe/Boot Worship
Forced Bi
Forced Feminisation/Slut Training/Sissyfication/TV transformation
Hand Worship
Hair cutting/shaving
Hot Wax
Human Furniture
Ice Torture
Maid Training
Medical Fantasy
Nipple Torture 
Objectification ( Human ashtray/furniture play)
Public Humilation
Role Play (Kidnapping, Mother/Child, Teacher/student, Workplace, Doctor, etc...)
Sensory Deprevation
Slave Training
Smoking Fetish
Tying and Teasing
Verbal Domination
Water Sports
Wax Play

If there is anything that hasn't been mentioned (is that even possible?) please ask and we will let you know if it can be done.
Email to book