Saturday, 28 October 2017

Denim destruction

You are so weak and powerless to resist my perfect ass wrapped in tight denim.
So many angles and so much perfection you just can't take it. 
Drool for denim, LUST for my Levis..

Saturday, 21 October 2017

Messy foot fun

MistressX and Dynamo have fun making their feet all messy and sticky while torturing their submissive boy who amuses them. MistressX gets great joy in kicking and flicking his disgusting food covered cock with her sticky slippy feet.

Saturday, 14 October 2017


MistressX and Dynamo ball busting this trussed up poppers sniffing slut. 
They kick his balls and pathetic little dick barefoot front and back.

Saturday, 7 October 2017

Findom Hypno mindfuck

This is so exciting
so dangerous
so alluring.
You can’t break free from my influence.
You don’t want to.
Because being controlled  by me is so arousing, so exciting.
You feel my control summoning you to hand it all over to me, your money is my money
Your wallet is my wallet

you are feeling supremely submissive
listening to me isnt enough, you need to obey me
You will think about what you can do for Me
that nobody in your life would understand.
Tributing Me, for example.
Nobody but you can understand
why it is so arousing to give Me your hard-earned cash.
So you will do it in secret.

Sunday, 1 October 2017

October = My birthday month!

It will be My birthday on the 28th October. 34 years young!
I am posting in advance for my birthday ALL gifts I receive in October I will save to open on My birthday and I'll probably post a live video on twitter of me opening them!

I am giving you about a MONTHS notice so you have no excuses!
Be a good little submissive and get contributing!
It's your job to spoil Me like the Goddess I am and ensure YOU have given ALL YOU CAN to make sure My birthday goes well. If you've ever wanted to spoil Me but have been too nervous or not sure what to get Me then THIS is the time to do it.

My main wishlist this year is my DeliveryCode wishlist as I can put items from different websites on there. I am allowing purchased from Amazon too however I'd prefer Amazon GCs towards items for University art supplies and moving out furniture next year.

How to tribute to my birthday 


AmazonUK/Deliverycode GC to

AmazonUK Wishlist
Deliverycode Wishlist

Tribute via Niteflirt
Tribute via IWantClips

Complete my birthday line task pay $1 per mistake you make! 

Thank you in advance