Monday, 29 September 2014

October 28th - My Birthday

I will turn 31 on the 28th October (I know I don't look a day over 21!)
I am posting in advance for my birthday ALL gifts I receive in October I will save to open on my birthday and post a video of me opening them! I am giving you a MONTHS notice so you have no excuses! Be good little boys and subbies and get contributing!
Its your job to spoil me like the Goddess I am and ensure YOU have given ALL YOU CAN to make sure my birthday goes well.

How to tribute to my birthday
1. email gc to
2. Giftrocket/Payoneer to
3. Amazon Wishlist
4. Tribute via Niteflirt or Clips4sale

I will keep adding to my wishlist as it starts to deplete but for now there's plenty for you to buy on there.
I have a photo shoot planned for the 13th November so all gifts bought from my Amazon wishlist (lingerie) will be used and you may receive a photo of me in it.

Thank you in advance boys.

MistressX, Double Domme RT session with a Sissy and Gimp.

Yesterday I started my second real time filming session with Mistress Dynamo. She is a Pro Domme and Pro Wrestler in Reading. 
We started at 3pm with my sissy sub from NF.
We'd been talking on NF since January and he is ONLY 21! He had never called me or cammed with me but was dying for some real time sessions. He has never sucked cock before and was eager to please me and suck cock for the first time in my presence. 

He said he wasn't a pain sub BUT brought waxing strips so we could wax him HAHAHA, we had so much fun we started on his ass, spread those cheeks and worked it in, we also did his legs and balls. He only made a few yelps but giggled a lot. Such a silly sissy. He didn't bring enough strips so we made sure he had patchy legs and it looks ridiculous!   
After that we dressed him up in a black dress with pink underwear, put on his make-up and wig. Unfortunately we had no shoes to fit him with was a shame.

The we got sub 2 which I will refer to as gimp. We used him as a foot rest as sissy sub removed our nail varnish and painted our toenails, he also blew them afterwards which was adorable.

We then got gimp and sissy to stand back to back for some encasement we wrapped them in cling film and cut their cocks free only to smack them up with riding crops, haha.

After that hot and sticky situation we then moved onto ice torture and rubbed ice on their cock and balls and body parts, My sissy was ticklish so I tickled him as I rubbed the ice his giggle was cute! We also had fun putting the ice cubes up the subs asses my sissy kept popping his out which was hilarious it looked like he was laying eggs! We then forced them to suck ice cubes of each other which had been up their asses. We finished by stuffing our feet into their mouths which was VERY cold!

After all this action it left me and Mistress Dynamo very horny so we locked the boys in a cage and has some time out kissing and touching each other whilst giving the boys permission to play with each others cocks. After a while we decided it was time for THEM to get intimate so lay gimp on the floor and sissy sucked his first cock. IT WAS FUNNY AS FUN within about 20 seconds gimp had unloaded a wad of spunk into sissies mouth and he swallowed the lot! He must be good! All that training I've put into him to become a little cock sucked paid off!!! BUT gimp refused to suck sissies cock so next up was corporal punishment and I was going to give him an extra whack for that!

sissy went home and we took a brief break and then set up in the photo studio as the dungeon was very hot and sweaty by now.
We had sessioned with gimp before so we knew what he could take and he suggested we went a little harder.
We started with hand spanks to warm him up. Then moved on to the floggers, riding crops, and Mistress Dynamos favourite the boot print spanker haha. I of course kept swinging between his legs and getting his balls too, dirty gimp was hard throughout. We agreed on 10 strokes of the cane to finish (5 each) but forgot count so ended up giving him about 30, I'll have to count when I play the video back.

I had a great time, was lovely to meet my little sissy and I can't wait to do it again!

Quote from sissy
"The session was amazing, right from the star I was made to feel comfortable, both of the Dommes were fantastic. For a first timer it was amazing from the encasement to the sissification and the ice play. The forced bi session was a really interesting experience, I wasn't sure at first but after discussing it with mistress and knowing that I trusted her made it all the more exciting, it was a strange feeling but knowing you made someone else cum is a very satisfying experience. The taste is really hard to describe, it wasn't exactly what I was expecting but practising beforehand certainly helped, I didn't know if I'd be any good at it but judging by how quickly he came I'd say I wasn't half bad Amazing 10/10 would love to go again."

I will be uploading ALL the clips to my Niteflirt and clips4sale store starting at the end of this week. 
Keep an eye out on my findoms profile or twitter @M1stressx for my video releases and next session.

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Photos from today's session

I will be posting a blog about today tomorrow as its late now but here are some teaser photos. The videos will be posted soon so watch this space.

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Happy birthday MistressX (28th October)

Tribute towards my birthday

You have until the 28th October to get spending! DO IT NOW

See what came in the post

SAD lightbulbs x3
Shirts x3
Fishnet tights (and free make-up bag)
Chin exerciser

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

See what came in the post

PVC leotard
Pin-up advertising dress
Black fishnet tights
Grey jumper

Thursday, 4 September 2014

See what came in the post

Flamingo skirt
Sloth "sloth" shirt
Artists sketch book
4 leaf clover keyring
4 leaf clover necklace
Derma Roller
Scar serum

Monday, 1 September 2014

See what came in the post

Blue bra and panties/suspender set
Derma roller
White cut-out shirt
Black leggings
Eye cream
Eye patches
Whale vest top.