Friday, 30 June 2017

Thursday, 29 June 2017

When old subs are scared of technology...

When a sub doesn't know how to send an email giftcard and ends up sending 30 giftcards I have to scratch and apply to My account.
It did make me laugh though... 

Monday, 26 June 2017

Holiday snaps

Had a beautiful holiday and 6th year anniversary with My boyfriend.
We went to Tenerife 19th-26th just got him this afternoon.
Here are a few photos for those desperate boys who missed Me!

Dress courtesy of a sub

Got a full body massage and pedicure for our anniversary

My boyfriend treated Me to a dress that matched My suitcase :)

Saturday, 24 June 2017

Dollhouse pet for Giantess

'Love you' !? Not anymore you mean nothing to her now you are tiny. He no longer gets this sexy Giantess body you can't fuck her anymore...
Theres only once place to keep her new pet... the doll house.The rest of your life will be as a pet, having to watch her get on with her life, playing with herself, fucking new boyfriends and you'll never get to have her again!

Finally looks like she’s given in.. you can be inside her one, last, time.She Licks and moans you plead but she says swallowing you alive will make her cum... So get inside her!Exhausted and satisfied this cruel giantess knows a tiny boyfriend would have been of no value to her it's better this way, well, for you it is!

Saturday, 17 June 2017

6yr Anniversary

I will be in Tenerife 19th to 26th June
Its our 6yr anniversary on 25th while I'm away & theres a SPA at the hotel. 
£200 should cover it PAY UP CUCKS! 

Friday, 16 June 2017

Female sub, foot fetish and foot spanking

As her beautiful blonde slavegirl adoringly kisses her boots, MistressX settles comfortably into her chair to check her social media and respond to text messages on her phone.  Naked, except for her sheer black stockings, the obedient pet kisses and licks MistressX’s boots hungrily as she strokes the heels.  Clearly she is out to impress her owner and doesn’t want to disappoint her beautiful Mistress.  Barely noticing her efforts, Mistress will, from time to time, direct her slavegirl to change to the other boot, or to do something she demands.  Slavegirl looks up adoringly at her Mistress regularly, seeking approval.  Her tongue is busy as she worships every inch of each of MistressX’s boots, desperately seeking the words that will make her so pleased… “good girl”.  Smiling as she licks, slavegirl obviously enjoys her place at her Mistress’ feet, worshiping her gorgeous leather boots.  Removing the boots, one by one, slavegirl is permitted the privilege of first cleaning, then kissing and licking, her Mistress’ feet.  Holding her foot gently up to her lips, slavegirl adoringly kisses and sucks each toe.  She makes love to her Mistress’ beautiful feet with her tongue, loving every second of this privileged opportunity she has been granted.

Saturday, 10 June 2017

Foot fetish, spanking and toe fucking

Today I had the opportunity to play with a female sub and OMG did I have fun!
The video will be coming hopefully next weekend!
She kissed and licked My boots, then she kissed My feet and I stuffed My toes in her mouth before touching her all over with my feet. I then put my big toe in her pussy and fucked it.
I then go her to bend over and spanked her ass red WITH MY FEET.
This video is going to be fucking hot!

Friday, 9 June 2017

Death By breasts - a clumsy giantess

Crushed by breasts A clumsy Giantess 
NOW #17 #GIANTESS category 
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Thursday, 8 June 2017

Lesbian Homewrecking

Remember those times your wife would send you sexy photos to your phone? She sends them to ME now. Tit pics, clit pics they are all mine. She doesn't want you anymore. Shes had a taste of this sexy goddess and she's gone gay for ME. She doesn't want your cock anymore, she doesn't want YOU anymore.

I'll tell you all about our relationship and how I fuck her with a nice big CUNT BUSTER.

Saturday, 3 June 2017

Death by breasts - A clumsy Giantess

Stupid little tiny man thought he could sneak up on a sleeping giantess to perv on her enormous tits. Very foolish to risk his life like that! 
How stupid he is and how his life is in danger. It makes the Giantess hungry the thought of a little man for breakfast!
Think how he would like being eaten…, he won't be able to hang on and save himself, will be swallowed alive kicking and screaming. This Giantess loves her food whole and alive, his pleas mean nothing to her...but wet her appetite.
About to drop in, last second change of mind: he was so brave he at least deserves to get what he came for. The Giantess places the tiny man between boobs. What a big and clumsy giant she is, even when she doesn’t mean to, she still kills these little people accidentally.  
Death by tits. What a perfect way to go!

Thursday, 1 June 2017

Double Domination - Essex - Aug 5th

Essex - Chelmsford 
5th August 
£300 an hr
Cash Point meets £200 MINIMUM

Email to book

Adult Babies
Ball Busting
Cash point meet
Cock and Ball Torture
Corporal Punishment
Domestic Servitude
Face Sitting (clothed)
Filming slaves (No discount for being a filmed slave £300 per hour)
Financial Domination (FinDom)
Foot/Shoe/Boot Worship
Forced Bi
Forced Feminisation/Slut Training/Sissyfication/TV transformation
Hand Worship
Hair cutting/shaving
Hot Wax
Human Furniture
Ice Torture
Maid Training
Nipple Torture 
Objectification ( Human ashtray/furniture play)
Public Humilation
Role Play (Kidnapping, Mother/Child, Teacher/student, Workplace, Doctor, etc...)
Tie and Teasing
Verbal Domination
Water Sports
Wax Play

If there is anything that hasn't been mentioned (is that even possible?) please ask and we will let you know if it can be done.
Email to book