Thursday, 14 July 2016

$1 Introduction to Hypnosis. Get addicted

This is the beginning of your journey. 
 A journey into total mental slavery. 
 This is a video that will introduce you into the world of hypnosis. 
 You have ideas of obedience, or even ruin, on behalf of a beautiful Domme like me.
If you have never heard of me or have but are too afraid to purchase one of my videos here is an affordable option to see, hear and worship me. 
You will think of me every night before you sleep and think of me first thing when you awake. 
As you close your eyes to sleep my body and voice will be in your head, wrapped around your thoughts and feelings.
This video will create an addiction that will grow.
I will take you under hypnosis and you will feel my control This is real. Very real indeed. 
I have no problem at all to change your mind, to bend your reality to my needs, to addict you and exploit you. 
 You have been warned. But you want to continue anyway, don’t you? 

After this video I give you permission to tribute to show your gratitude for allowing you view this video at such a reduced price. 


Due to Clips4sale pricing structure this video is $12.99

Monday, 11 July 2016

Top 3 best selling Goody bags on Niteflirt

My top 3 best selling Goody bags to date are the following:

Two BRITISH Dominatrix. Forced bi real time session $9.99
Mistress X and Mistress Dynamo force an older sub to suck the cock of a sub tied to a cross. They whip and beat the sucking sub into a gay little bitch.

How to be a sissy in 15 days $4.99 
Tasks to complete over 15 days to completely sissify you and turn you into the girl you always dreamed of being

Forced Bi Task $4.99
Buy my task and succumb to your faggot ways.
This task contains 3 steps.

If you haven't purchased them I suggest you should since it seems they are my most popular!

Saturday, 9 July 2016

Niteflirt guide for beginners

I decided to write a guide after having several Dommes asking for advice when they joined. 
It is also helpful to those who have been a member for a while who might find they are going through a "dry" spell.

It is no means a guarantee that you will earn money but it is all stuff I wish I'd known when I first joined and had to learn myself.

I explain what I do on a daily basis. How I advertise and price my listings.

Advice on creating your listings, Goody Bags, customer lists and feedback.

Links to Niteflirt guides, top lists, how to set up your social shouts and other advertising sites. 
This includes free and pay to advertise listing links.


I’m not going to promise this will work but this is what I do and it works for me.
If you are a complete newbie and have trouble with Niteflirt as a website the help section is very good

If you purchase this guide and have anymore questions to ask then drop me a NF mail and I will answer you for free.

WHAT I DO When I first started I set my prices at $2.19 for each listing $2.99 for webcam and $3.99 for Findom line.
I found while I was earning I wasn’t earning as much as others seem to do.
I decided to reduce my prices to $1.99 for listings 99c for an ignore line and $2.99 for my Findom line and haven’t stopped being busy.
I have created as many listings as I can on my Niteflirt and advertise them.
I advertise x3 on a weekday and x5 on a weekend never paying more than 60c per listing (on my listings which have 5 star feedback). For my other listings with no feedback I generally pay 50c or whatever it costs in each category, sometimes its only 5c to be in the top ten!

It’s good to have something eye catching and that stands out, there is a good HTML guide on Niteflirt
Don’t make it TOO BUSY.If the customer has to scroll down to read it then it is a waste of text/photos. The chances are the customer skim reads what you have anyway so make sure you say what you want to do in the title of your listing so they don’t have an essay to read when they get on there. Remember they are usually looking for a quick jerk off and this is what they see to get them to call.
It is always good to have a different one for each category too, make it relevant to that.
I actually got my boyfriend who uses Photoshop to design mine if you are like me and not good at using html there are lots of sites if you search google that sell Niteflirt layouts for you or create them. If you like my layouts, then feel free to contact him and he will give you a quote
There are a few that give away free buttons etc. you just have to google to find them
are examples.

Make sure you link your twitter/tumblr account for advertising. Connect them via Niteflirt then upload one a week to keep customers coming back. I add the hashtags “#femdom #findom #fetish #Niteflirt” into my social shouts so when they go onto twitter people can find and retweet them. There are several bots that automatically retweet any tweet with #niteflirt on them!
I personally have “ended a call” and “made a favourite” unticked otherwise your twitter feed gets full of auto tweets and nothing else.

Make some! For videos make sure you have at least 5 screenshots or more to reel the customers in! For photosets try to have at least 3 photo previews.
I charge $1 per minute then add 99c so 5min video = $5.99 5min 57sec video $5.99
I make all photosets $1.99 I find they don’t sell too well if you find yours are then increase the price!

If you already have a huge backlog of videos to upload, then DON’T UPLOAD THEM ALL AT ONCE. You can specify a date for the goody bag to be released so take advantage of that. Especially if you go on holiday then you can make sure you are releasing content when you aren’t home!
There is also a good post about goody bags on the NF forums (exclusively for Flirts)
If you are unsure about what content to sell have a look at what’s already on there, see what has high feedback from customers, see what is popular as “Top goodies this week” and “Most liked this month”

USE THEM! When you arrange the customers into categories then when you have a goody bag for sale you can email those who it is relevant to e.g. a sissification video wouldn’t be relevant to a foot fetishist so send to all on your feminization list! I break my list down into the categories of my phone listings e.g. Findom, feminisation, foot fetish, skype/cam, hypnosis etc.
I save ALL the customers who pop up on my most recent contacts, even those who have never rung or bought anything. As long as you don’t spam the lists. I tend to make sure I don’t email more than once a week.

There are several sites you can advertise your listings on.
Toplists, websites and twitter retweet subs are all very helpful at bringing in customers. Advertise on Google+, Tumblr, yahoo groups, anywhere you can post your link!

Tag these subs in NF posts to get more traffic to your profile.
Add me on twitter @M1stressx and I will follow back and add you to my Niteflirt list and Domme if you are a Femdom.

BLOGGER: I have two blogger accounts which I advertise Niteflirt members on to join just send me your Niteflirt link, twitter account and a small photo (or I’ll take one from your twitter account) and I will advertise you on them.

Sign up and advertise here (ALL FREE):
This is the ONLY site you can post the link back onto your Niteflirt profile see mine on my profile page here:

You can NOT post the below hot links to your Niteflirt page. You have to post all your Niteflirt listing links, buttons, goodies onto your website/tumblr/blogger page then post the link of that when you join the toplist. if you scroll all the way to the bottom you will see where I have posted the link back. Once you sign up and your link is approved you will get the html sent to you to post onto your page like I have done.
You can also put links on sites like craiglist, backpages etc to draw customer onto your page.
I am also a member of a financial domination website if you are a fandom then perhaps joining and advertising on there will help.

Advertising (you have to pay)

When you get left good feedback it means you pay less for advertising. It is against the site terms of service to ask customers to leave good feedback. I find the best way to ask for feedback is when a customer is a repeat customer, if he calls/tributes/buys goodies a lot. Just send a message “I noticed you’ve never left me feedback, please take a moment to leave me some you can do that by clicking here:” chances are if they are a repeat customer they will leave feedback and GOOD feedback too.

If you ask someone who has only called once to leave feedback they can sometimes get angry and you might end up being left 1 star so best to contact the repeat boys after a few good calls/purchases.

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Panty buyer

A lucky sub bought these especially for me to wear tonight during Zumba and overnight to buy off me.
He will get to smell my sweet juices and sweat.
To purchase a pair email me

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

I have now found my love of 
send payments to or send me your email address so I can send you payment requests. I also worked out how to send a photo with the payment request so I can pull the money from your wallet even easier.

Friday, 1 July 2016

Assnosis pendulum addiction

Stare at the pendulum. 
Fix your eyes on it. 
Take a few deep breaths. 
Just keep breathing deeply. 
Watch it swing in-front of my perfect ass and get addicted to my words. 
(This was a custom video idea from a sub which contains arm lifting and "hand sticking together" instruction)


Contains subliminal mindfuck techniques, recall, flashing images, binaural beats, arm lifting and hand gluing together instruction.