Sunday, 11 October 2015

FemDomme Ball 2015

I had a wonderful evening last night at the Femdom ball. Hosted by International ebony Mistress Madam Caramel. I met the lovely Mistress Dynamo and her sub spuddy at the station and we headed to the hotel where we relaxed and searched for a restaurant. It seemed there were NO restaurants in this area open on a Saturday (MENTAL) so we walked and found a restaurant called the Hare and Tortoise it was a beautiful Japanese restaurant. I had to run off and leave Mistress Dynamo and her sub to go to the venue early as I was modelling Olympia Latex and they needed me to get there early to try it on. It was a wonderful outfit but it had a TINY strap-on I feel I know now what it is like for a man to have a small penis, it felt useless and I know it wouldn't have done anything to anyone haha.  I was also filmed by LatexTV who were there so I look forward to seeing myself on video.
After the show I met Ma'amMalice and Goddess Qadesh from who I had spoken to online but never in real life. They were both lovely and I was lucky enough to get a photo with Malice during the night. She also won a raffle prize of a latex outfit so GO YOU!! WHOOOP WHOOP! 
I also met the wonderful Sardax he came and introduced himself to me and he was lovely. 
I had an Irish unowned sub sniffing about most of the night. He started by kissing and licking my beautiful Irregular Choice shoes then I got bored of him so we went to the high protocol room. 
He wouldn't shut the fuck up so I sat on his face full weight on a chair then used my heels to stomp on his balls as I lay on him. It was refreshing and shut him up for a while. Then Mistress Dynamo had some ball busting with him too, her boots were made for kicking and that's what she did! 
I spied an Italian boy who was waiting in the wings on his knees who wanted a beating so I had him in the shackles and I cropped him a few times. I watched Mistress Dynamo use her subs belt to beat him with as she hadn’t brought any equipment with her. 

There were several “lucky boys” during the evening. Firstly there was “smedley” an older gentleman of about 70 dressed in tuxedo and dickie bow tie. His Mistress took down his pants, stepped him into the spanking table and all the Dommes in the room were allowed 6 spanks of his cheeks, I gave him 6 of the best. Then another lucky boy who was trained to be caned with no warm up was bent over and allowed 2 canes from all the ladies in the room, again I gave him 2 whacks. It was a wonderful evening and I can’t wait to do it again.