Friday, 30 October 2015

Under consideration/Ownership UPDATE

Read my profile, blogs, Twitter and website to get a feel of my personality first. I also have videos on NF and C4S you can view to see my Domination style before contacting me. Hear my sexy British accent and feel the pull closer to ownership. 
Twitter @M1stressX. 

Ask me questions that aren't covered in my profile if you are curious about me. 

Talk to me about about things that go on in your daily life. I am interested in your kinks and fetishes but also you as a person. If you cant complete a task on time or it is not possible for you to do, then tell me why. I am also considerate and care for your well being and want you to open up to me and for us to have a relationship. If you wish to be owned by me then tribute is a must, don't cut and paste the same email to 10 dommes saying "Own me plz" without a tribute I WILL IGNORE IT. 

UNDER CONSIDERATION: You time to prove your worth, you will have daily contact with me and offer weekly tributes (or more if you are so inclined) You are free to talk to other Dommes in chat, twitter, etc. but you CAN NOT tribute another Domme. You must always be respectful to everyone. You represent Me and how I have trained you. You make Me look look bad... you will not like the outcome. So think about ME before you open your mouth. You must be able to tribute at least £50 a week to be owned by Me. If you can't afford £50 a week I will allow you to be a regular tributer to Me however you won't be considered as owned. 

TRIBUTE: It is NOT an option. Its a requirement to serve me. I have plenty of options on my website so there are NO EXCUSES. You give me money to fill that hole inside you, you live to give to me and making me smile is your goal. I have many positions for rich or poor subs depending on income. Each sub is individual and will be treated as such. However I will ONLY accept subs FOR OWNERSHIP who are working/retired ie YOU HAVE AN INCOME. I know My worth and my time is money. 

My Fetish's and Kinks 
I enjoy many fetishes some are listed below. If your fetish isn't listed send Me a message 
Financial: It turns Me on taking what's Mine out of your grubby hands. I love nothing more than being tributed to by men down on their knees who appreciate a true Goddess. 
Ownership/Keyholding: Approach Me, respect Me and impress Me to be held under consideration. I can afford to be picky so make your first impression count. 
Bill paying slaves: Why should I pay My bills when I have you to do it for Me? 
Line tasks & Twitter Retweeting Games: With a fine/payment after the games. The fun comes as you don't know how much I will be taking from you until the end. The anticipation makes your cock and wallet twitch. 
Foot/Shoe/Heel worship: I have perfect tiny size 4 feet that deserve your worship, kisses and grovelling. 
Ass worship, Cleavage worship: I know I'm perfect it makes you weak. I love controlling you with what I have. 
Strap-on Worship, Feminisation/Sissification: I love dressing up My sissies watching them train their ass making it gape ready to be pimped out and buggered. I love laughing at tiny clitty dicks in panties. I'll get you down sucking big black cock and begging for a facial. Be My sissy slut cum dump whore. 
Cock & Ball Torture CBT: Surprise Me. Needle play, clothes pegs, wax play, sounding and more.
Ignore Sessions: Beg for my attention as I DENY you it. 
Small Penis Humiliation (SPH): Call that a penis? That's a fucking innie 
Verbal Humiliation & Abuse: I like to have fun and laugh hard taking the piss out of you. 
Racial Humiliation: I offer all round humiliation based on race, colour and religion. (ROLEPLAY) 
Cuckold: Want to be my clean up bitch? (ROLEPLAY) 
Wax Play: My FAVOURITE fetish. I love watching it drip all over a subs body. My FAVOURITE real time activity. 
Mind Fuck/Hypnosis: Watch to get addicted to My voice and beauty. I will wrap my mental chains around your mind and soul. Once the addiction takes hold there's no going back. 
Computer control for shopping purposes only: Self explanatory. DEPOSIT REQUIRED. 
Watersports and hardsports: YOU getting wet and messy while I watch and abuse you. 

Message me for real time information or visit my website