Thursday, 17 August 2017

Submissives and the art of conversation

After discussing My style with other Dommes I decided to write a blog about it. I don't treat subs like garbage.
I treat MY subs like useful contributing boys which they are and fulfil My fetishes with them. 
Any self-deprecating slut can discover his weak points all by himself. Adding My abuse to what they already know about themselves isn’t always going to work in My favour. I am happy to use and abuse a boy but not all boys want or need that to be able to serve. 

I am adept in manipulation and hypnosis to use the art of conversation to bring you to your knees. This simple act of conversation is enough to make you submit and commit to Me. You contribute to My finances, My fetishes and My kinks. This is all I ask of a sub if I get to use and abuse you that is of course MY PREROGATIVE. 
But why would I do that if I don’t need to do that? 
If I can get what I want with the art of conversation, then so be it. I regard an intelligent conversation just as sexually stimulating as a fetish session. 

You already approach Me knowing your place down low ready to serve and that’s all I ask.