Saturday, 5 August 2017

Ice cream terror VORE Giantess

Mistress was working together with her six friends on a science experiment they happily agreed to be test subjects for a shrinking serum which worked, but the lab was about to close so she smuggled them home in cleavage for safe keeping until she could unveil its success to the class tomorrow. As Mistress went about her business at home she made herself a bowl of ice cream but as she leant over, her friends lose grip and fall in without her noticing. Unaware Mistress spoons ice cream into her mouth how delicious it is! She’s going to drink every, single..drop! 

 As she lifts up the spoon they're calling to her to get your attention. She pauses… thinking she can hear something from somewhere... but decides it must be tv on in another room or something else… and goes back as she eats. Deciding to check on welfare of friends in boobs Mistress is confused as she can only spot three as they tell her what you've just done to the three other friends.

"I just thought of you guys of being tiny, I didn't even think of me being like; a giant to you guys, you mean my friends ended up in my mouth and...I've just, swallowed them...alive!? Oh my god, that's what those lumps where, I've just swallowed my terrified friends, "inside me" that's, that's fucking hot. I can't believe I'm getting turned on by being so huge. Teasing the remaining people with stomach, talking about their friends trapped's going to be a lot more fun to swallow the rest."