Friday, 25 January 2019

Why do you like talking to me?

Blog inspired by a conversation with my sissy.

I think quite often slaves will question their value to Dommes. I'd imagine this would be more true to those who are unowned but also for those who are owned and wanting to impress their potential new owner.

Why do you enjoy spending time with me? I barely like spending time with me?

This question firstly saddened me then got me thinking.
When I see Dommes online calling submissives losers and unworthy this just reinforces the idea that subs are worthless and that (and owned sub) would be someone they wouldn't want to spend time with? After all if you think all slaves are losers and pathetic why WOULD you want to talk to them, why would you want to engage with them? It is a catch22. You want slaves to own but when you do you say they are losers and worthless and what superior woman would want to spend time engaging with those beneath them?
This brings us back to the idea that not all slaves are losers or pathetic etc which I see many Dommes agree with.
Sure some submissives get off of being called this and being ignored.
BUT when I own a sub I like to have daily contact even if it is just a check-in at the end of the day.

In regards to my sissy and our conversation I replied
I'm a Domme and you're a sissy, you've always done what you are told and we have fun in real time. You're polite and we talk non fetish too. Its not forced conversation and we get long. Why wouldn't I like spending time with you?    

I also commented
If I was busy I'd just tell you I'm busy and can't chat that day. If I don't hear from you I make sure to send you a message saying "just checking in" just so you know I've not run off this goes both ways. Its annoying when guys just ghost but Dommes can do that too. I know we are both busy people and have stuff going on but a message a day should be the minimum contact we have.

You’re far too good for what I deserve you know

Shut up dickhead

That’s more like it ;)

I have started writing more blogs recently and will continue to do so as thoughts pop into my mind. I use this as a way to show potential slaves my through process and domination style as well as starting conversation with fellow dominants.