Saturday, 11 June 2022

Transforming you into the doll you were born to be

Think of the objectification of the doll you long to become.

You want to be like the dolls on my shelf, but you also want to let go and relax. That's what this is all about right now, letting go and relaxing deeper and deeper for me. So just lie back, feel your joints move like a good little poseable dolly for me, and relax. 

Let your conscious mind stay deeply asleep...

I take you to the fair ground and you are about to have the ride of your life.

The ride we go to looks like a dolls house and each room has a theme which will drag you deeper and turn you from human to doll.

Learn and perform a dance "I'm a little teapot" for me and my friends. It will come to the point where you will stop and go with the tape, and you will feel more humiliated each time you realise it. Punished for being a man and retrained as a little dolly plaything for women to use like an object. All I need to do now is press play.