Sunday, 28 June 2020

Interrogated by the Girlstapo

From a custom video (NO NAMES USED)
Oh, you’re probably a little confused right now.  You’re wondering who those little women were who ambushed you and tied you up this morning.  It looks like they were a little rough on you. 
You see, everyone here at our remote femdom enclave has a special job. The Girlstapo capture our victims, then they turn them over to me and my sisters to be punish and ended. I love teaching our Girlstapo agents the skills to fill the jobs here at the compound.  I just saw how the Girlstapo abducted you.  Great video.  They surrounded you and took you down like it was a rodeo. 

Hot girls like us can get almost any guy to let us tie them up.  Make sure you have plenty of rope.  But only let your victim see that first length.  After I had this one idiot adequately secured with the first couple of ropes, I rolled in a big spool of rope.  He almost laughed, but he soon figured out that it was no joke. I cut off lengths and tied him with them one after another: my signature super snug hogtie followed with a mega tight mummification. You could barely see him through the ropes after a while.  You could only tell he was in there by his muffled whimpering.  I had another spool ready, but he didn’t last that long.


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