Monday, 23 December 2019

Merry Christmas and happy 2020

My work hours will be pretty random between now and new year due to family commitments so check out my twitter, cam and phone sites for when I am online to catch me over the Christmas period.

This year has been an amazing one.
I have moved out of Essex into Norfolk purchasing my first home and gotten engaged. I'll be getting married early February 2020 and can just feel how good next year will be.
I am planning to get started filming new content as soon as the wedding is over as right now I'm just so busy with everything I haven't had a moments rest!

I am obviously looking for bill paying slaves for my household bills and cucks to contribute towards the wedding so apply via this site!

So for now get buying my Christmas content and previous years content so I know what is most popular so I can record more of what my subs want to see.