Monday, 3 April 2017

Limited time £40 an hr filmed sessions

So since I am building up my equipment I decided to give a LIMITED number of £40 FILMED sessions. 

You have to buy a piece of equipment from My wishlist then I will conduct a filmed session of Me using it on you! SIMPLE! 
You may also purchase items of clothing for me to wear during the session, however I am not interested in body worship/boot fetish etc at this time only using CP equipment! 

Your face can be hidden or you can wear a mask (bring the mask with you!) 
The video will be of me using the equipment you bring with you (and I get to keep afterwards) 
The video will be up to to 1hr or as long as you can take! 
I will be selling the video online and you can have a watermarked copy to keep for your own viewing purposes 
If you wish to buy multiple piece of equipment that means more time 2 = 2hrs etc as long as you pay the £40 per hour 
The venue is at 

Email Me to book a LIMITED TIME ONLY £40 an hr filmed session