Thursday, 25 October 2018

Mistress Komakino

Had a wonderful session with the marvellous Mistress Komakino today. ⇨

We have been online friends forever so it was about time we had some fun together and with a sub.
We had a good slave to play with and we got to torture him and made plenty of videos.
She will be uploading them soon to her sites and I will be uploading to mine in January 2019 after my 2 month break from uploading.
We filmed these videos with the slave sissification, kidnap, spanking, trampling, choking and a bonus one which I will be releasing but I'm not sure if I should advertise.. LOL
We filmed a blackmail and 2min joi video of the two of us together as unfortunately time was running out after the slave left.
I had a great time with her and hope to film with her again in 2019 when our schedules allow.
Now I have to learn how to edit video with separate audio, I think google will be my friend!