Friday, 14 December 2018


I am having a mini break fro uploading videos to my stores until January 1st.
From January 1st I will be release 2 videos a week!!!
I will make a more formal end of year blog discussing my idea for 2019 but until then hold on to your wallets and get ready for 2019!

Behind the scenes from todays session

Behind the scenes photos from todays mini filming session. 
Glove handbra
Thigh high findom
Thigh high ignore 
Bare bottom booty shaking
Shiny ass booty shaking 
Sensual blackmail 

All that booty shaking tired me out . Might have to loop some of it and slow mo to make up to 5 mins.


From a friend and a fan. I love fanart

Thursday, 6 December 2018

Christmas SpoilMe Findom challenge

Buy 1 item from 
Buy 1 item from
Buy 3 items from

5 ITEMS TOTAL I won't open them until Xmas day Plenty of time for the gifts to arrive 

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