Sunday, 4 February 2018

Accepting new slave applications

I am accepting applications for new slaves 
In the real world giving Me every penny you own is not possible and for a man to become bankrupt it means he is no longer of any use to Me I will stretch your finances to their limits but not leave you broke. No one wants to play with a broke toy. I am looking for boys who will reimburse my daily spending, offer to pay my bills so my life is made easier by their sacrifice. I'm not necessarily looking for big spenders but those who know their place is to make my life financially easier by being there to pick up the tab. I have regular boys who pick up silly things like tea or cake once or twice a week I don't talk to them just send the payment request and they pay it. This is what excites me knowing you are there and will pay when it is requested of you. However I understand all subs are different and expect different things from ownership some wish to have more contact then others I always expect daily contact as a minimum however some subs prefer weekly. It is tailored to the individual.
You give Me money to fill that hole inside you, you live to give to Me and making Me smile is your goal. I get turned on by the idea of a man handing over his money WILLINGLY because he is so overcome by My power and beauty. A goddess should not have to ask for tribute it should be placed at her feet! 

It can take years before being officially owned by me. Only when I sense you have truly understood the sacrifices you must make for me will I actually collar you this is an honour you must work for and only when I think you are ready will you even get a chance at being one of my loyal slaves. 

Learn something about Me before approaching. 
Read My blogs! 
Read My website 
Read my twitter @M1stressx

All My kinks and fetishes listed on My website

There is nothing more annoying than a sub asking 100 questions that are all answered on my website.

Complete an application form to be placed under my consideration WITH TRIBUTE I WILL NOT READ YOUR APPLICATION WITHOUT A TRIBUTE ATTACHED. You must make a good first impression to do that you will show you value my precious time. If you send Me an email saying "Mistress I want to serve you" without a tribute attached you will be ignored. 

I accept Western Union, Circle, Google Wallet, Niteflirt/IWantClips tribute however you must pay extra for the site commission and direct bank transfer. (I will not accept GCS for ownership payments)