Friday, 3 March 2017

Reimbursing boys, busy Mistress

I love boys who offer to pay once I spend My hard earned cash. I love the fact I can function psychically, mentally and financially WITHOUT any of you boys. However, you are willing to hand over the cash like the ghost of giftmas past. Once I’ve spent My money you crave to fill up my coffers so I don’t need to spend My money. With you by My side why would I need to spend My own money?

You love being useful and refilling my savings. Such a good boy offering up his money so I can keep My own.
I’ve had a busy week at University I had to present My work in front of all 3 years of the Fine Art degree and some Masters students at an art gallery. I also have another presentation next week. Mistress is working hard on her education and you boys are working hard on my bank balance.

I am currently accepting new boys so make sure you approach appropriately with wallet in hand as you only have one change at a first impression so MAKE IT COUNT.