Friday, 5 August 2016

Real time meets, why bother?

It seems that Dommes can get stuck in the notion that “If I earn so much online why do I have to bother meeting in real time?” I’m not talking about RT sessions I’m talking about shopping trips and cash point meets. 

 I have a sub I met from and who I meet regularly for a couple of hours once or more a month. He takes me out to a coffee shop, we meet, catch up he hands over the cash I smack him in the head and leave. I’m the ONLY Domme who he has met from here. Others he has tried with have stated distance, safety and other reasons not to meet him. 

I guess you have to think if you aren’t willing to meet a sub alone in a public place when you speak to them for over a year maybe real time isn’t for you? I never got my head around a Domme who felt unsafe meeting a sub? If you speak to them and get to know them and meet in a public place you have the upper hand at all times. 

If a sub ever made me feel uncomfortable in emails/online contact I WOULDN'T meet them in person. I have never felt unsafe meeting a sub, I only meet them after they proving themselves worthy of my time and showing their devotion.

Its nice meeting boys, I like catching up and doing public humiliation with them. I think lots of Dommes are missing out with the assumption that working from home is easier. I personally love going out and being spoilt face to face even if it’s an hour or two. You build up a relationship much better when you meet in person and the relationship develops so much deeper and quicker that way.

I guess what I'm trying to say to Dommes who might think its not safe or they don't want to earn by leaving their house ITS WORTH IT. It really is.