Monday, 11 September 2017

You don't get to cum in real time.

On webcam I allow subs to cum, I don't have to be there, I don't have to look at IT. On webcam you are there to amuse Me. Of course you get to touch yourself WITH PERMISSION but know this you won't be seeing me nude or topless.
"but Mistress you have videos on the internet where you are nude and topless" Indeed I do. Videos I made under my own wishes. Videos I chose to release so subs like you can buy them as and when you want. I've been on cam and had subs say "Show your tits" or "stand up" (stand up?) and of course I deny them. As far as I'm concerned on webcam you are there to amuse me. I'm not going to stand up, sit down, stick my left leg in or my right leg out. I find webcam sessions a therapeutic release of watching you watching me. watching you craving me, and watching you do as I say.

No in real time you don't get to cum. 
I don't want you to see me as a sex object I don't want you looking and wanking over my perfect image while I berate and abuse you.
As far as I'm concerned in RT you are there to amuse ME, you are MY object to use and abuse you for my sadistic wishes. In fact chastity and cages so hand in hand for real time so you forget those urges and devote yourself solely to Me, My wants and wishes. Its so much easier to think without IT getting in the way.. of course unless we have CBT sessions but that is something completely different.

I don't want to see your disgusting cum face, smell your sweat as you unload over yourself like a pathetic lust filled beast.

So when you are at home sitting wanking into a tissue crying over feeling used and abused with just memories of our session, know that you are cumming under my control when I permit it when you are AWAY from me.